she's crazy

  1. Wow, that's almost double what the new sale price for it is!
  2. Snicker- nice armpit.:roflmfao:
  3. wow! there is so much pink cambon on ebay! usually there is nothing! the make-up case is cute...but retail $695?! no thanks!
  4. I know, looks like people are taking advantage of the sale but not letting the lower prices refect in their listings. Everyone wants to make money I guess...
  5. That poor bag! It probably smells bad now! :roflmfao: Couldn't she have just put it on a mannequin?
  6. I saw a bag that looked similar to that on the 30% off table at NM last night.
  7. i have the makeup case. it was 545 sale price.

  8. or at least a long sleeve shirt
  9. cute chanel bag... :love:

    yeah, at least there is no armpit hair sticking out! :roflmfao:
  10. sooo overpriced!!! i got my bowler bag on ebay for cheaper!!!