She's Big, She's Beautiful... She's here... REVEAL!

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It was between the galliera gm and the Gucci large sukey guccissima chocolate brown ... though I love the sukey as well, I felt it was a bit "too serious" for me. I went with the galliera because I think it has more personality and the microfiber lining totally won me over. I just want to mention that I went to three LV boutiques and they all treated me very graciously. However, Gucci was very snotty and not as friendly... those *****es are miserable, lol!

PS- The galliera gm in azur is also to die for. I'm planning to get that in the future as well.

Looks like a pm in this picture. This bag looks MUCH better IRL!


Gorgeous microfiber interior!
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Aug 14, 2009
Congrats! I have her too and it's a great bag! You'll love it! If you're looking for an organizer I recommend the purse to go extra jumbo size. And I also recommend using a cloth to wipe down the rings every few carries (my newest SA said they think the black marks are caused by dust gathering on the rings and then rubbing on the leather--just a heads up). But wonderful purchase and ENJOY!!
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