She's been on and off my wishlist...and now my wish has finally come true!!!

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  1. I present, the Princess of my Collection...........

    SOPHIE!!!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    I can say my collection is almost complete...just waiting for the QUEEN to arrive which will be in the fall....

    **sorry for the ugly modelling pics..going to go to bed soon..LOL***

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  2. Congrats! She looks great on you!
  3. Congratulations!! She's sooo cute. (Now I'm wishing I had gotten a Sophie too.. :Push:smile:
  4. I love the Sophie! She's so gorgeous. :love: She looks wonderful on you, btw. :smile:
  5. Congrats!!
  6. I'm also gonna use her long strap for my mono and azur pochette, like so:

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  7. thank you everyone!

    i gotta go to bed now...i stayed up late last night playing cooking mama on my
  8. I love it, Jill. It looks great on you! : )
  9. Congrats! You are a lucky, lucky girl!
  10. Congrats! :tup: How did you score that?

    Still planning on getting the Florentine? And which bag is the Queen??
  11. That's HOT! Looks lovely on you! How did you manage to find it? I want one so bad!
  12. Congrats!!!!Looks great on you!
  13. I still love this bag as much as it did when it came out. I will get one... someday.
  14. Love it on you!
  15. You lucky girl. I am so jealous. She looks great on you. Congrats