She's Beautiful - My Speedy

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  1. Hi
    Just wanted to share how my weekend went. This past Monday was my second anniversary. I didn't get a present on this day - but I was told we would go to Louis Vuitton this weekend. So we did. :yahoo:

    Louis Vuitton in Vancouver is so fun to go to. It was the first time being in there and seeing everything on display. I originally wanted to look at Croissant MM - but they only had the PM in stock, and it was too small. They told me they have quit making the Croissant MM. If I really wanted one - they could look for one - but I didn't have time to wait. As I was in Vancouver only for the weekend.

    And I did try other purses on, but when I asked to see both 30 and 25 Speedy in Monogram - I fell in love with the 25 :love:

    She's so beautiful. I can't wait to buy accessories for her. The fun thing about going there in person - was actually seeing how the Petit Noe was on me. :upsidedown: Maybe in the near future she'll also be mine.

    I now have 2 LV purses within three months. That's enough for me for awhile. I'll be enjoying my baby, my Speedy 25. Thanks to bagsnbags, and all the others who modelled their Speedy's - made me want to try one on, and now I know what it feels like to fall in love with a Speedy :lol: I tried the Damier Speedy, but didn't fall in love as much with the Monogram Speedy. And I tried the Mini Lin, but again the 30 was too big for me I thought. Its my personal preference I found the 30 was too big for me. :yahoo: I love my Speedy. :shame:
    Ok - I have to figure out how to post pics. It says my pics exceed the limit size.
    1_speedy.jpg 3_speedy.jpg 2_speedy.jpg
  2. So happy for you! I got my first speedy on Saturday, so I know exactly how you feel. That's a beautiful bag, enjoy it and congratulations! Can't wait to see your pics.:smile: :smile:
  3. you need to make your pic's smaller/resize them.

    congrat's on your new purchase.

    If you need help resizing, you can email me through my profile and i'll can do it for you.
  4. Congratulations, I love my Speedy 25 too! Wear it in good health!
  5. Thanks Bag Fetish, I found this website - the shrinkpictures. and made my pics 25% size from original. And it worked!

    I didn't think I could post pics - but it worked. I love my Speedy - its so exciting going to LV. And Holt Renfrew doesn't have as much on display. I also loved seeing the shoes.

    I also went to Bellingham, WA, US, and went to Macy's and JP Penny's. And bought some new clothes. Well, I had to buy some new clothes to go with my new purse :lol:

    I had fun with my sister also who lives in Vancouver. She liked the Ipod Shuffle case at LV, but she didn't buy it. I am so happy with my Speedy, even though I tried other purses, the Speedy 25, was the purse I wanted. :angel: I was also so delighted I got one that is made in France, and with a 06 Date Code. This was all exciting. I didn't get a box though. But I got a newer dustbag. So its all good. :yes:
  6. congrats!! happy anniversary! the speedy 25's my first love and 2nd anniversary present too! :heart:
  7. so cute :smile:

    love the virgin leather :heart:3
  8. Congrats on a fabulous choice! And Happy Anniversary pearl!
  9. Congrats! Sadly, I have yet to own a speedy.
  10. gorgeous!!!! congrats!!!!
  11. ooooh... congrats! It's beautiful!
  12. Congrats on your new Speedy! Sounds like she's going to a happy home :smile:
  13. Congrats! Happy anniversary!
  14. I love your speedy!!!! It's beautiful, congrats!!! :smile:
  15. congratulation!!
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