She's back!! My bag is finally home! *now w/ photos!*

  1. But it's stuck in the box because my DH whose been gone ALL WEEK, is now home and hanging around like a freakin' spider!!! :hysteric:
  2. LOL Swanky - a freakin' spider. Send him out for milk - and anything else you can think of that needs restocking!

    Congrats on the return of your bag!!
  3. Aaaww what a sweet reunion it will be! Congrats!
  4. Enjoy it! Once you get it open that is! :yes:
  5. :lol: Your post is too funny! I bet you're so glad your bag is back right where it belongs. I agree with roey, send your hubby out for milk or anything else, just so you can take her out of the box.
  6. :roflmfao: Swanky Mama Of Three - that's too funny!

    I just looked in my book, "This Dog'll Hunt" (An Entertaining Texas Dictionary) from my Texan DH and I couldn't find this metaphor, however I jotted it down in the book as it's a great one. Anyway...:back2topic:
  7. when it comes to my bags and my DH, same here, not a great combo.....
  8. I can so relate to you. We all have those certain boxes in the back of the closet. LOL:lol:
  9. hahaha Swanky sounds like my life LOL. Hopefully the spider goes away soon!
  10. OMG Swanky.....I have to do that all the time. :lol: I scrambled to get my Ritz and Baby Cabas to come this week while he is in China on business! What he does not know won't hurt him. :angel:
  11. congrats on the reunion with ur bag!!!!!
  12. My DH has gotten REAL good at spotting new bags. He used to not notice, but now he's like an Eagle.

    I'm so glad you are reunited with your white vintage tote.:heart:
  13. :hysteric: Aaahhh! Get him out of the house; we want to see the bag! I'm glad you have your bag back with you.
  14. Ooh, which bag is this Swanky? The Grand Shopping Tote with Silver HW, maybe? :nuts:
  15. Yay!!!
    Reunited and it feels so good...
    Reunited 'cause you understood
    There's one perfect bag and baby this one is it!!
    We all are so excited because you're reunited yea, yea!!

    That is from Peaches and Herb...for all of you that just think I am is a real song