~She's Back in My Life...Reveal!!~

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  1. Congrats :smile:
  2. awesome. Congrats.
  3. Thank you all!!! :hugs:
  4. Congrats, what a beauty!
  5. Great bag. Congrats
  6. Congrats. I'm waiting to experience that love
  7. Beautiful choice! I have sold and re-bought as well, so at least you know it is true love! Congrats and enjoy!
  8. Soo pretty!
  9. So glad she is back on your arm again! :biggrin: The Galliera is the most comfy bag I own. I :heart: her so much. I can understand why you missed her!
  10. congrats. she's a beauty
  11. It's so beautiful!!!! I love it!!!! congrats!!!!
  12. Thank you!!!!
  13. Shes a beauty!
  14. why did you let her go? what what was the reason?
  15. I wasn't using her as much as I used to. So I cleaned up my closet and she was consigned. Also it's the style I liked and how roomy it is. I lucked out so I decided to get her again. :smile: