She's back from the spa! Come meet my Pink Reporter!

  1. :woohoo: She's back and she looks great! I purchased this poor lovely on eBay. She had been abused by her former owner. :sad: I noticed one at the same time for just a little more money that looked nearly perfect, but I really felt for this one and decided I wanted to adopt her and get her all fixed up. So I purchased her and sent her off to Lovin' My Bags for some TLC. She originally arrived to me all shoved in a priority mail box, unstuffed and misshapen! :wtf: I stuffed her with tissue to try to regain some of her original beautiful boxy shape and left her stuffed until after she reached the spa, where she was treated. She had quite a few areas of faded color and was just really sad looking. Here, I'll post some "before" pics and next I'll post some "afters". :smile:
    Chanel Pink Reporter before.JPG Chanel Pink Reporter before 2.JPG
  2. Oh, she does look sad! Can't wait for the afters.
  3. ^See? Sad, isn't it? :sad: But, here she is now! Looking next to new and very pretty! :yes:
    Chanel Pink Reporter after.jpg IMG_2546.JPG Chanel Pink Reporter after 2.jpg
  4. Wow she looks gorgeous and so do you!:yahoo:
  5. bulletproofsoul, what happy news your reporter is now so pretty! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your necklace! is that a belt that you're using as a long drapey necklace??
  6. Wow, I hope you got a good deal on the bag in her before shape! I can't believe she was so mistreated but she sure cleaned up nicely!! The two of you look great together.

    Is that the regular size Reporter or the smaller size?
  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how gorgeous the reporter looks now!!! :nuts: :love:

    Btw, LOVE your outfit!!!
  8. She looks amazing!
  9. Gorgeous, my daughter so wants this bag!
  10. wow, you rock!! Congrats on the gorgeous bag!
  11. Congrats on your baby coming back from the Spa all freshened up. Looks great, enjoy!:cutesy:
  12. Wow, I can really see the difference. It looks so vibrant!!!
  13. LMB does such a good job!!

    she looks great! and i loveeee your top (and necklace/belt)
  14. Wow ... she really did clean up nicely. May I ask how did you pay for the bag and how much was it to take her to the spa?
  15. She's gorgeous after the spa treatment. Congrats!