She's BAAAACK!!!! Come see my **NEW Chocolate Ergo Hobo**!!

  1. My baby is BACK!!!! Hubby gave me my "Valentine's Day present" EARLY!!!! As some of you may remember from a previous thread I had written, I sold my beloved chocolate ergo hobo to my neighbor's daughter b/c I thought I didnt "need" her anymore since I had gotten so many new bags for the holidays. Well, I got my chocolate back.....and I didnt have to wait til Valentine's Day to get her, as my hubby had originally told me!!! This baby is MINE and I will NEVER let her go! We drove all the way out to the Hamptons Coach store to pick her up! She is GORGEOUS!!!! I LOVE her! Here she is all packed up and ready to go out tomorrow:
    Coach bag and kids ran to get their initial charms to hang off of her! Keep in mind it is FREEZING in NY, and I am wearing a VERY BIG, BULKY sweatshirt!!! Enjoy the CHOCOLATE with no calories!!!

  2. OMG that is awesome!!!
  3. Gorgeous! I'm so happy that you have your love back. Your DH is so great to give her to you early. Congrats!
  4. Thanks, Kat!!! I thought of YOU when we were driving out to the Hampton's Coach store, wishing we were driving out in the OTHER direction toward NYCity to see YOU!!!!!!!
  5. THANKS!!! I am just soooooo excited right now!!! I cant wait to USE her tomorrow!!!:yahoo:
  6. Hurray! And you didnt have to wait till Valentines Day to get it!!! Tell DH he did very good - now he can just get you some real chocolate for VDay and he's done!
  7. Oooo thats pretty.
  8. Congrats - Glad DH didn't make you wait!! Enjoy her and make her "yours" again!
  9. Your DH is a true gem!:girlsigh:
  10. Mommyville... thats awesome... you got your chocolate early...what a sweet hubby!
    I hope to get my chocolate this Friday!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  11. i really like that color.. i would of got the hobo but i have a hobo so i got the tote.. i like how the handles flow!
  12. Hang on tight to this one!:happydance:
  13. I really wish that I carried brown bags because I think chocolate signature is drop dead gorgeous. I think it's sweet that your put your kids' initials charms on your bags - what a great mom!!
  14. now don't let her go again!!!! or they'll be some serious butt kicking!!! :bagslap:


    i'm glad you got her back!!!
  15. Congrats!! Glad you got it back!!