She's Almost HOME !!!

  1. I purchased a Les Marais Large Tote and she is almost home!!
    I can not wait to get her... UPS tried to deliver to my house 2 times yesterday and today- not home - sorry..
    I have scheduled a pick up at the package location today between 8:15 and 9pm tonight.
    I will be there at 8:07 !!! I have been dying for this bag since the day I put it on my shoulder- Will Post the pics as soon as I get it. I just could not fight the urge to post that she was on her way... She will be busy this weekend.. Tonight dinner and the movies and tomorrow birthday dinner for my 85 year old grandma-my best friend in the whole wide world !!!!! she raised me from birth !!!!-LOVES HER !!!!
    And then she's off to church to be blessed from sin..:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. wow..can't wait to see pics. and a big congrats on your new bag!:yahoo:
  3. How nice! Can't wait to see pics.
    Have fun picking her up and have even more fun taking her out and to the Bparty! Happy Bday for your granny!!:balloon:
  4. addison, you crack me up! :lol:

    I really love the la marais tote; it's classic with an edge. Please post modeling pics for us!
  5. ooohhhh...
    dark brown, black or black gold??

    congratulations.. my dream tote..
  6. Oh wait, I'm thinking of the Perfect Day tote. I didn't know the La Marais ligne has a tote. Can't wait to see it!!
  7. :popcorn: Congrats.... Just sitting here waiting for the pictures...
  8. oo, can't wait to see pics!
  9. ;)
  10. its the dark grey- called 800 and it comes in 4 colors
    black, black gold, TAUPE and dark grey !!!
    the dark grey actually looks black..
    If I dont like the grey I am going to try and exchange for the black.
  11. Oh congrats! I got to see you model it so I know it looks great on you. ENJOY!
  12. I hate waiting for a delivery, it can never get there fast enough! I can't wait to see pictures of this color. I love the bag, but have never seen it in dark grey.
  13. OMG I love :heart: the dk grey - where did you find it?? I would kill for the flap in that color, never checked to see if it was available...
  14. here's the shoulder flap in dk grey (courtesy of CHANELboy):

  15. I got her--BUT- silly me batteries are DEAD in the digital camera and the cord to hook it up to the computer is too too short to hook it up I can barely raise the camera up high !! lol
    Rest assured I will take flicks of tonight and tomorrow when I get brand new batteries