Sheryl Crow Buying Jewelry On Melrose

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
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  3. wow, a celebrity who actually looks like "one of us" - a real person, she looks so down to earth :tup:
  4. ^^^

    ditto, i love her!
  5. She looks so fresh!
  6. I was thinking similarly that she looks so casual and natural looking.
  7. I've met her, she's a super nice person.
  8. She looks so happy!
  9. Love her pics!

    How refreshing to see a successful talent looking so "normal".
  10. She is so down to earth - you get that vibe from her even when she's all dressed up.
  11. I remember a comment she had made something to the effect of marketing new singers with gimmicks and studio magic and how she appreciate talent that could just really sing and let that speak for itself. She said it in such a common sense way and it was so refreshing to hear.
  12. Love her!!
  13. She looks so natural and pretty! Love her:smile:
  14. She looks fabulous.

    Damn I wish I could step out of the house without wearing a bra. :Push: