sherwoodpm vs alma pm(vernis)

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  1. Hi all,
    Im loving the givre and was wondering which bag would be a better choice in this colour, the sherwood pm, or alma pm. Apparently the LV website doesn't have the givre in the alma pm size, but i swear the other day when i went to the boutique the alma pm was sitting on the shelf in the givre colour. The SA showed it to me briefly but was taken away moments later by another SA who wanted to show it to her client. I didnt mind at the time because i actually wanted to see the BB (but decided against it as its way too small).
    So what are ur thoughts and opinions on the two bags and which one would u say looks better in the givre. Im not usually an alma person, but i do think vernis in alma is stunning. I also hear most people arn't fans of the sherwood, but i do like its an all vernis bag with no vanchetta.
  2. Well, I'm a big advocate of the Sherwood, but I'm in the minority here on TPF :biggrin:. I have the PM in Blanc Corail and find it the most elegant and practical bag ever. Also the GM is great. I love the Alma, too, but for my lifestyle, a hand-held bag is just not versatile and functional enough and I'm pretty sure the Sherwood (even PM) is also more spacious.
  3. Great to hear the first response was infavour of the sherwood as i was really expecting responses to side with the alma:smile:. Seeing u have the PM, do u mind me asking whether this bag is comfy on worn on the shoulders or is it a rather tight fit and need to be worn on the elbows at times? Also do u think its okay as an everyday- dayout bag or do u use urs more for night outs?
  4. I agree. Sherwood all the way. I actually saw a blanc one out and about in Vegas last weekend and it looked sooooo elegant. I think the light blue of the givre would look equally sophisticated. I myself have the Sherwood pm in pomme and LOVE it. It easily fits over the shoulder with room to spare so no worries about that. It's also huge inside. Yesterday I carried it to the mall with the following items inside (all vernis): French purse wallet, agenda pm, business card holder, 4-key key holder, LV sunglasses case, lip balm, work lanyard, and iPhone, and I still had plenty of room for odds and ends! Typically I carry mine over my right shoulder and the bend my elbow up and hold onto the strap just because it's comfortable that way. there are some great modeling pics on these forums so definitely do a quick search. Good luck on your decision!
  5. I'm a big fan of alma so...there goes my vote! It's a beautiful classic and very cool (edgy!) in givre IMO.
  6. I personally love the Sherwood more for everyday use. The Alma for that weekend dinner with the DF or something where I do not have to hold it the whole time. The biggest reason I was drawn to the sherwood was the ability to put it over the shoulder (when I am out shopping for 6-8 hours the Alma really becomes a burden on my arm LOL) and still look nice and in vernis.

    I don't think you'll regret either, they both have no vachetta- all vernis and both rolled straps). I would just decide which would work better for what you're looking to use it for. Sherwood has no feet which could be a pro or a con (I wish it did but at the same time, I don't think it would look as sleek).

    As far as size, I find them both to be equally sized but the configuration of your stuff would have to be different. I have attached some pics for comparison. These 2 pics are the same exact contents but the Sherwood obviously being shorter will not fit a hard sunglass case vertically like the Alma would.

    PS: I love the Givre as well but not as much as I love these 2 colors :biggrin:

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  7. I find it really comfy on the shoulder, no problems, other than at the very beginning I was worried about squishing it, but as I grew used to the bag, I just relaxed, and for me, it is the perfect fit. I mostly hand-carry or elbow-carry it, though, but it's just good to know that I can put it on my shoulder whenever I need to. In my opinion the PM is perfect for the very reason that it goes so perfectly from day to evening - I use mine as my work bag for spring/summer (I don't need to carry files or computer, just my daily stuff) and also to gallerie openings, dinners, drinks etc. Go for it, I can't imagine you ever regretting this choice!:graucho:
  8. I love the alma, I want to get the alma PM in givre but I'll have to wait till Xmas =(

    So i would say go for the alma =)
  9. I am an alma fan, so my vote is for the alma!
  10. alma!!
  11. We should be co-presidents of the Sherwood advocates club! :roflmfao:

    But yes - another vote for me and the Sherwood PM. I have two and love the fact that it's either hand / shoulder / elbow carry.

  12. Wow! Great comparison pics :tup:
  13. Get both! :graucho:
    Alma first and then Sherwood with a different color.
    I have an Alma pm in Bleu nuit and I'm thinking of getting a Sherwood one.:shame:
  14. I love alma!
  15. Alma