Sherrybaby - anyone seen this Movie yet ??

  1. This movie has been released here in the UK this week. It looks so sad, I think its been out in the US a while ago ??

    "Sherry (Maggie Gyllenhaal) has been in prison for three years and is anxious to get back to her young daughter. She finds re-entering the world she left behind to be more difficult than anticipated."

    Heres a trailer
  2. Yes, I rented it on DVD and you are is very sad, very intense.
  3. lol I rented it... bad movie.
  4. I rented it last week but since I got another 4 movies I didn't get a chance to see it. How did everyone else find it?
  5. I watched this movie about a week ago, seriously its the best movie ive watched ever !!, Maggie's acting in it is amazing ! Ive also just bought the DVD because I loved it so much
  6. i saw it awhile ago and i personally thought it was horrible...
  7. I liked it....