Sherrie's Tiny Collection

  1. My collection is humble as compared to many other tPfers but they are all still very precious to me since all of them are paid for by my dearest mummy:p I got my first bag (Prada black nylon messenger) when I was 14/15 and second (LV Damier Compact Zippe Wallet) when I was 16 but I wasn't into bags at that time so it was only till I turn 20 that I got hooked. It has been 2 years since and I have never looked back.

    I will start with my LV!
    Damier Uzes, Monogram Deauville, Monogram Speedy 35, Damier Compact Zippe, White MC Mini Sac, Cerises Pochette, Monogram Mini Pochette Accessoires, White MC iPod Mini Holder, Monogram Miroir Gold Speedy 30, Denim Pleaty and Monogram Dentelle Gold Kirsten.
    IMG_17781.jpg IMG_1765.jpg IMG_1762.jpg IMG_2770.jpg
  2. Next are my Gucci, Prada and Miu Miu collections!
    P1070496.jpg IMG_2777.jpg IMG_2788.jpg IMG_2736.jpg
  3. My most beloved Balenciaga bags!

    '07 F/W Ocean SGH City, '07 F/W VF GGH PT, '07 F/W VF SGH Work and '07 F/W Mogano GGH City.
    IMG_28232.jpg IMG_28241.jpg IMG_2895.jpg IMG_30991.jpg
  4. The newer Balenciagas, '08 S/S BG Pink SGH PT and '08 S/S Skye Blue RH City.
    IMG_3224.jpg IMG_3225.jpg IMG_3220.jpg
  5. Beautiful collection! I really love your dentelle gold Kirsten!
  6. That's quite a collection! I envy you, girl!
  7. Other misc brands. Loewe, Luella and Marc Jacobs.
    IMG_2785.jpg IMG_3396.jpg
  8. Fantastic collection ... love your Bbags! Thanks for sharing!
  9. i luv your collection, im sooo jealous!!!
  10. Tiny collection my foot! You have alot of great bags. :love:
  11. lovely collection. i am in love with your ocean sgh bbag.
  12. This is not a tiny collection!!! Be proud, it is a great one! I love your Gold LV and your BBags!! NICE!
  13. TINY??? Then mine must be microscopic... :biggrin:

    Gorgeous collection, love the LV's especially the Miroir, MC, and Pleaty.
  14. Love your collection, especially the bbags ! :yes:
  15. you have a great collection for a 22yr old, i'm working on mine since i'm working on college first lol.