Shepton's stunners.

  1. I'm just back from Shepton and have a nice long list for you of today's gorgeous bags. They were some real stunners! So here we go:

    White Roxanne.
    White Agyness - large & small.
    White Bays.
    White e/w.
    White Soho.
    White big hobo thingie - didn't check the name.
    Pale pink Mabel.
    Pale pink Soho.
    Pale pink e/w.
    Pale pink Ledbury.
    Pink crackled leather Mabel.
    Bright pink patent Mabel.
    Pink Leigh hobo.
    Lilac soft grain Mabel - someone buy this it was sensational!
    Choc A4 tote.
    Coral small Agyness.
    Coral Bays.
    Choc Bays!
    Choc Mollie.
    Oak Mollie.
    Choc Somerset tote.
    Oak Claudia.
    Coral e/w.
    Black goatskin mini Mabel - original style.
    Somerset shoulder in putty.
    Penrose in putty.
    Jody large shopper in seville.
    Soho large in seville.
    Choc Agyness.
    Choc small Poppy.
    Black Milton hobo - large & small.
    Black Poppy.
    Black Poppy satchel.
    Denim Maxi Mabel.
    Denim medium Mabel.
    Denim Poppy! Totally gorgeous, oh, how I wish I loved the Poppy as this would have been mine.
    Cream Poppy - large & small.
    Pistachio Joni - this v nearly came home with me.
    Mono Mabel.
    Leigh pouch in fuchsia, marine, blue.
    off white antique glace Gerlinda.
    Leigh saddle bags in teal, cream.
    Teal/marine Milton hobos - both sizes.
    Orange soft grain Mabels - medium & large. This was another that was in my pile on the sofa for a long time. Gorgeous.
    Orange Poppy.
    Sand Mabel.
    Fawn Poppy.
    Pebble Mabel - medium & large.
    Roxy A4 tote in oak.
    Large and smaller vinyl totes in navy, white & black.
    Sam messenger in large & small in coral.
    Mustard Poppy hobo.
    Pale blue Helier.
    Pale blue Georgie.
    Lemon Emmy.
    Pale green Emmy.
    Ocean blue Roxanne tote. I love this colour but could have lived in the bag it was so big, did love it though & was v tempted!
    Maggies in raspberry, green & white.
    Two black Maggies on the damaged rail.
    Coral Soho.
    Large Antonys in choc, stone, brick.
    Choc Seth.
    Cream Somerset messenger.
    White Sam messengers.

    I had a good trying on session with orange Mabel, denim Mabel, denim Poppy, pistachio Joni & ocean blue Roxy tote.
  2. Positively drool worthy! do you remember them all, I have a vision of you notepad & pen scurrying around the store :p
  3. I must say I admire your memoryskills, I wouldn't be able to rmember them all.

    Sand Mabel sounded interresting didn't know they were made in sand.
  4. :faint:
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    Wow! What a good selection they had :tup: You really, REALLY don't need orange Mabel what with Agyness & Araline, but it's a great colour, isn't it? ETA and now that I've thought about it, I predict you'll be back at Shepton for this one within a fortnight :nuts:

    How much were the vinyl Roxanne totes?

    And were there any evening bags, other than the Leigh pouches?

    I'm guessing you came home with denim Mabel :yes:
  6. did you get anything??
  7. Loads of goodies there :nuts: I'm going to Bicester on Friday so I hope they have a similar selection!
  8. of course she did :graucho:

    Where are you SJ , tell all :yahoo:
  9. OMG a4 roxy in oak - I can't believe it!!

    Sara just out of curiousity, do you recall what the price for a4 roxy was?

    Wow, awesome list :smile:

    So what did you get :smile:

  10. That's exactly how I do it. Good thing I do shorthand!

    Dita - you are right. I don't need orange Mabel, much as I thought it was beautiful. I have coral Aggy so it's too close in colour.

    Well, this is going to knock you all for six - I didn't buy anything. I v nearly bought the denim Mabel. It is a truly gorgeous bag but it's too pale for me. I'm going to wait for an ocean blue medium Mabel. The ocean blue is an a/w colour so it's gone back into the warehouse & won't hit the outlets until this autumn.

    So I know have a £300 voucher burning a hole!
  11. :faint:
  12. Omg ...nothing ????????????????????????????
  13. Wowser, that's some restraint, but good on you Sara, at least you are going to get exactly what you want when the time comes.

    Thanks for the list, it's brilliant. Can see a few things on there which might break my bag ban, must be good, must be good...
  14. Sorry girls, I didn't check all the prices as it takes long enough to write them all down.
    Dita - I think the small navy vinyl tote was £275 because I remember thinking how you wouldn't think it was a bargain.
    The Mabels were £416 and some were £455.
    The Joni was £208.
    The Poppy was £486.
    The black mini Mabel was £175.

    No Flossie, nothing. :roflmfao:
    Didn't even visit the cafe either!!
  15. black minimabel bargain!
    If i didn't already have one, I would try and buy it (if lived in UK so I could )