Shepton - seconds or overstocks?

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  1. Getting very excited about my forthcoming trip to SM, even if it is still 5 weeks away. Don't want to get too excited though in case there's nothing there I want (ok, not very likely I admit!)

    I think I read on this forum that they have seconds there as well as end of line bags and I just wondered if it was made clear which ones are seconds or if you have to look at them all carefully and judge for yourself. I should imagine the prices would be lower for seconds, but would welcome some advice from more experienced Mulberry ladies.

  2. Seconds are marked with a "sub" sticker . I think you find that it is usually 30% off RRP.
  3. hello dolly, I've never been to Shepton but I did buy a blenheim by mail order. It said sub on the hanging tag which I have assumed to mean that it's a quality reject of some kind. That said, I can't see what is wrong with it, seems fine to me!

    But I'll let one of the Shepton regulars give you a proper answer!
  4. Thanks - are the faults usually nothing that really jumps out and hits you?
  5. I can't see anything at all wrong with this blenheim. There's obviously some reason, but I don't know what it is. Maybe if I'd bought it in person the SA would have been able to tell me, but maybe not ...
  6. Shepton has returns, overstocks, discontinued lines, special orders & seconds. I've just been there this morning & they had some great stock - I'm going to list it all on a separate thread.
    The seconds are marked sub & it is usually very difficult to tell what is wrong with it. I've just bought a Mabel for £455 (RRP £695) and it looks perfect to me.
    It's a fab way of picking up a Mulberry for a brilliant price. Also you often find bags at Shepton that you can't get anywhere else.
  7. Can't wait - read your list of goodies, sarajane. Am trying not to have a list of wants in my head, will just wait and see what's available.
  8. That's the best way. They've just done a stock take so they seem to be getting a lot of good bags in at the moment & having a really good range of colours & styles. Just before the stock take there was very little in. There were 4 coral bags today & that's a colour from the new S/S range so current stock is creeping through.