Shepton Mallet

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  1. Hi ladies. Well, I'm back from my expedition to Shepton Mallet today. Fortunately there were no traffic hold ups due to the Glastonbury festival. Not like yesterday when apparently it was worse than aweful. I cannnot begin to do a list, it was quite busy, but if anyone wants to know if I saw something in particular I'll try to oblige.
  2. Did you get anything?
  3. ...any notebook covers??? or agendas??? xxx
  4. Bluecat - Well, it was a long way to go to come back empty handed ;)

    Kelly - yes there were pocket books and agendas but the ones I looked at seemed to be at usual outlet price. There were no further reductions on them.
  5. Any red Ledburys?
  6. I don't think I saw a ledbury in red. There were red somersets in crackly leather. They were the only reds I noticed in the sale.
  7. Teddies, how about you, how did you get on? As you say, it's a long trek to come back with nothing :graucho:
  8. Any Bays clutches??? *asks hopefully*
  9. Champagne Mabels?
  10. Do you mean Somerset shoulder bags? Or totes?
  11. Travelbunny - Sorry, no bays clutches. Shame. They are stunning and look really useful.

    Shelly - Sorry, no champagnes mabels either. There was a lovely sand mabel and fuschias and monos and blue in the sale.

    Aly - Yes it was a long way. About 80 miles. I couldn't resist......
  12. ........??????? :P
  13. Not the shoulder bag. The normal somerset triangle shape iykwim. Think they had black crackly too.
  14. One of my buys is the same as one of your reveals! I told you I really liked it!
  15. Oh man, I really need to pay more attention :biggrin: Back to the other thread I go.......... it! Purple Shimmy hobo??????

    Or nude quilted???? :thinking:

    Not the Rox tote?