Shepton Mallet reveal!

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  1. Hi lovelies! :wave:

    I do hope you are all very well. :flowers:
    I had a little trip to the one and only yesterday, and they had a lovely range of bags. I just had to take advantage of the sale! It would be rude not to - right?!

    Is anyone around for a reveal? :panic::hbeat:
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  2. I am. :biggrin:
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  3. I am!
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  4. First clue... :hbeat:
  5. Ooh I am rarely on TPF these days, so excited to see a reveal!
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  6. Is it a bayswater tote?
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  7. Another little clue... :hbeat:
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  8. Is it? I only see lovely handles. :smile:
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  9. Another... I think you'll all guess from this one! :nuts::hbeat:
  10. Gorgeous!!! A heritage bayswater
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  11. Meet my beautiful Oxblood Bayswater! She is all spritzed in Collonil and ready to use! I am in love! :hbeat:

  12. Oh, she’s sooooo beautiful. :heart:
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  13. Beautiful!!! I bought the black Heritage Bayswater today but was torn between that and the Oxblood. Both are so lovely!
    I wasn’t planning to buy another Bayswater but I suddenly felt that I had to while I still can in the NVT leather!
    Enjoy your new bag
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  14. So stunning! Congrats!
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  15. Stunning beauty!!! :loveeyes:
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