Shepton Mallet Factory Store

  1. Hi there

    Being new to Mulberry, I was in Selfridges yesterday checking out the Smithfield (why does nowhere have red :crybaby:) and the assistant told me that the Shepton factory is where they send the reject bags. What are the bags like? Can you notice any significant defects or is it just stitching.


    Stef x
  2. My bag from the bicester outlet was fine except for some scratches (which it will get with use anyway!!!)
    Sarajane spends lots of time at the Shepton mallet outlet so wait and see what she has to say. (there are outlets at Bicester and York too)
  3. It's my second home! The majority of bags are ones that have been rejected for quality reasons and they also have discontinued bags and old season stock which are first quality.
    All my bags have come from Shepton and I've never been able to find a flaw on any of them.
    With some bags it's easy to see why they are seconds - the washed nappa Aralines at Shepton were badly scagged but on most it's something tiny such as stitching or a tiny mark.
    I give them a really good check before I buy and I've also bought 3 sight unseen by mail order and have asked the SA to choose me a good one. My olive Phoebe was the last one I bought without seeing it and it was fine when it arrived.
    This is a great way to buy a Mulberry heavily discounted.
    Shepton has definitely had Smithfield in red, I've seen it there and in green.
    Give them a call as they can check stock for you.
  4. Hi Stef

    I have bought bags from Bicester, and I really can't see any flaws at all on either of them (I keep looking!)

    There was a Hanover in oak, which had a dodgy lock - it looked fine, but wouldn't stay clasped shut. I didn't bother to check this with the SA as I had already talked myself out of this one - but I'm guessing that this is why it ended up there.

    So as Sara Jane says, check them over carefully (or have the SA check it for you) but you can definately pick up some perfect bags in these places :tup:
  5. I got my Babington from Shepton Mallet unseen,the sa did say that the magnet closure on it did'nt really work to any effective degree,but she tried it on for me and said it sits so snugly under your arm it really isn't an issue.When it turned up the next day she was right about the closure etc,but the rest of the bag is absolutely perfect!!!!!(thanks again Jo!!)
  6. my pleasure Chaz- one day you can return the favour!!!!!
  7. Thanx guys, I was excited when the SA told me the price of the Smithfield. I am going to phone up and check if they have stock of the red one. Will defo ask them to check the bag out for me, as I am in London I won't be able to visit the store. Didn't know there was a store in Bicester, thats another reason why I should go there, been trying to find an excuse :biggrin:
  8. No problem!!xxxxxxxx
  9. Could anyone tell me the sorts of discounts they do there? I live quite close by...Or I suppose it's an excuse to go and visit my grandparents ha.

    Would it be worth the trip or would it be a better idea to trawl eBay?


    (A newbie to Mulberry :smile: )

  10. The discounts are 30-50%. The items are generally discontinued items (ex-sale stock), special items made for the outlets, current season bags with minor faults etc.

    If they have what you're after, it's definitely a better idea to buy from the outlets than eBay - just check out the Authenticate This thread to see how many fakes there are out there :rolleyes:
  11. Does anyone know if the outlets ship overseas?

    Apologies if this question has been asked before...
  12. no, sorry they don't.
  13. thanks for your reply. that's a shame. discontinued items will be harder to get n seems like the only source would be ebay? or i guess i could try to persuade my friends in the uk to help me buy or have the outlets ship to them n they forward to me. :p
  14. Try giving one of the stores a call and see if they know of any outlets near you,if you have'nt exploered that avenue already it could be worth trying? Good luck!!xxxxx
  15. How new is the Smithfield, as I phoned Shepton and they said that they hardly get Smithfields in.