Shepton goodies

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  1. Whizzed into Shepton and spotted a couple of gems - a black Roxy and a choc Roxy! Don't often see them here.
    My SA chums showed me the new turquoise leather that my Mitzy messenger is in & it's gorgeous.
  2. They won't last long now that you've posted! I bet they'll be gone by mid-day :lol:

    What did they have in the Mitzy leather, then??
  3. oooh the Roxys sound good enough to eat, did you have a little stroke of them! :biggrin:

    When is your Mitzy going to arrive Sarajane?
  4. The Chocolate Roxy is 'Damaged' and therefore cannot be sold over the phone. The SA said that the leather was low quality after she inspected the bag.
  5. Any mabels there sj?
  6. Just called, Choc Roxy sold - hopefully to a TPFer
  7. I knew that wouldn't last long!

    When I bought my Oak Bays from SM, they said that it was damaged and wouldn't sell over the phone, it had to be "seen", but I persuaded the Manager that I wouldn't want to send it back and they agreed to sell it to me - the 'damage' was a small black mark on the back of the bag and a few tiny, tiny scratches on the front!
  8. Ditab, they didn't have anything in in the Mitzy leather, I just saw a swatch sample.

    The choc Roxy was on a stand with a few damaged bags on it - black Poppy, a couple of black Maggies, a gunmetal Maggie, an oak Ledbury, choc Antony. I picked the Poppy up but couldn't find anything wrong with it.

    Chloe-babe, my Mitzy messenger should be here on Tuesday, can't wait.

    Pheebs, I didn't have a long look round but I did see a fuchsia patent and four pebble Mabels - two large & two medium. Also saw an aqua maxi Mabel. Think there might have been a mono one too.
  9. The lady that I spoke to was adamant that she couldn't sell me the Roxy over the phone. She said that they had loads of trouble with people trying to persuade them. I wonder if it really has sold or if she has moved it or is pretending to phone callers. Old Bag Rule posted very soon after I called and was told it was still there. In fact, the SA went to look at it twice for me.
  10. Hmmm, I wonder. I did glance at it but I didn't examine it in detail. The oak Ledbury was obviously damaged, it had what looked like water marks across the front.
  11. Pebble you say hmmmm? Or I could buy an aqua maxi, move into it and sell my house!
  12. Jenova, I've experienced this very thing with SA's at the outlets in the past, i really do think it depends on the SA you get, some are really helpfully and some aren't, there's one in particular who grates on my nerves everytime I hear her voice because of how she deals with queries, she just doesn't want to help, or help me at least :P

  13. You'd have to collonil it really well to get you through this winter :nuts:

  14. I actually feel sorry for the SAs.
    I was there just before Christmas & they took a call from someone who wanted to know what bags they had for under £250!! The caller honestly expected the SA to go through all the stock.
    It turned out the caller had no idea about Mulberry bags so the poor SA was having to try to describe them.
  15. Oh my goodness, I can't believe it, I now find myself thinking 'Should I pop down to Shepton this w/e and finally get that Pebble Mabel. I just keep going back to it and wondering how I will feel if they are all gone.