Shellyb17's updated collection!

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  1. I thought with all the exchanging i've done recently, it was time for a new set of collection pics! First up:

    Handbags, pouches, wristlets/wallets/skinnies, keyfobs, and misc other stuff.....

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  2. And next, things that I have on order that will be added to my collection very soon:

    Signature Stripe Card Case for DH
    Legacy shoulder
    Legacy stripe wristlet
    Lips charm
    Skull charm

    My Legacy is in for repair...stupid turnlock....

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  3. Beautiful....all of these collections are a bad influence on this newbie!! :shame:
  4. Gorgeous collection!!!!!! I especially love the polka dot bag, the fish keyfob, and the framed keyfob, and...well a lot of your other stuff too. I have a question for you. Do you use your top handled pouches as purses or for other things like travel, make up bags, etc?
  5. No kidding! My collection doubled in size after joining tpf!:yahoo:
  6. Beautiful Collection!
  7. I use them strictly as handbags since I don't carry a lot of stuff...even though they hold quite a bit.:yes:
  8. Oh no....just noticed the month you joined... I'm Doomed :biggrin:
  9. Thanks!:tup:
  10. Yep. Just give in to the peer pressure.:yes::roflmfao:
  11. Mine tripled.....or maybe even quadrupled!! I try not to think about it though.....

    You have a very nice far.......:graucho:

  12. Haha....Ooh how I'd love to...without a second thought. Somehow I think my bf would object, however.... :noggin:
  13. OMG! I want your punch stripe demi!!! Love your collection. i have the legacy stripe pouch too and LOVE it!

    oh and the whole peer-pressure thing to buy bags . . . you'd be surprised to hear how many i've bought since i joined too ;)
  14. Love the dot demi.
  15. Great collection! Your pouches are so cute, do you use them a lot?