Shelly Litvak Handbags

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  1. I saw some at Kitson once , but its pretty hard to find pictures of her bags online...

    I was wondering if anyone here has one and how they like it and how it holds up ???

  2. they seem very, very well made. i do not own one, but a boutique i have shopped at for years has stocked her bags for a very long time. i believe the majority are deerskin. they are incredibly supple and lightweight.
  3. Im just not sure if her bags are worth the investment because they are quite pricey... do you mind me asking which boutique Canada?
  4. I've seen those bags on a site called Blue Bee. They look beautiful, but very $$$.
  5. abejas in houston.

    i think they sell her bags through their online store -

    they only have an elk messenger online right now, but you can call and see if they have any of the totes in stock (those seems to be the most popular). they are very, very sweet ladies at abejas. always willing to help even if you don't end up buying.
  6. Ive never heard of it, and kitson is kind of strict with returns and exchanges, even if the product is do your research!!