Shelling out for small things versus big things

  1. Very odd. Every spring up until now, I have had no problem springing $400 for a pair of Chanel sunglasses. Now I'm thinking... :wtf::sweatdrop: I don't think I can do it anymore! $400 is almost a bag... okay, it's like barely 1/4 of a bag... a year ago, it would have been 1/2 of a clutch!

    Does anyone else have a problem shelling out for the "little fixes?" I don't have even the remotest interest in Chanel jewelry (and not sunglasses anymore, that's for sure!).
  2. I do Annie!! I recently got a beautiful camille necklace and instead of wearing it, all I can think about is... "ahh I shouldve put that towards a bag" :push:
  3. I don't have the slightest interest in Chanel jewelry either. And whenever I think about buying a Chanel wallet I rationalize that the money is better spent toward a new bag and my workhorse Coach wallet is just fine.

    I do, however, have a sunglasses obsession and don't mind being spendy - but do try to wait for discounts such as rewards certificates or F&F events - to defray retail cost.
  4. I agree -

    over the years I have spent a lot on sunglasses - the most I have spent on one pair of sunglasses was $600.00 for a pair of Dior - that I love.

    But I also have some sunglasses that cost $30.00 that I enjoy wearing.

    I guess the biggest thing that has been an awakening for me is - I lose sunglasses often - but I have NEVER lost a bag.

    So, I agree investing the $$$$ in a bag - is a win, win!!:yes:
  5. yep, i bought 3 necklaces recently, and they could totally add up to a bag.
  6. Actually, after experiencing all of the recent increases in Chanel purses, and after noting the increases still to come I am especially excited about spending on accessories like costume jewelry and sunglasses and shoes. I think I may have been priced out of the handbag market. Oh well, more money for fun stuff!:yahoo:
  7. ^^ I think it's fun stuff too. I'd rather have some shoes and jewelry and only a few perfect bags rather than lots of bags I won't use that often.

    Also, I kind of think of it as how visible it will be. Sunglasses are so obvious and can make a person look so great... that I think the money is worth it.

    But I'm glad you started this thread. I've been thinking about replacing my classic Chanel wallet with another one that retails for $800. I suppose that would be a waste. (But I l really like it. :sad: )
  8. I am not crazy about Chanel jewelry. However, I loveeee the sunglasses and buy a pair or two every year. Just got a gorgeous pair of white ones. :smile:
  9. I haven't been enchanted by costume jewelry, but I am still a loyal sunnies buyer.

    It could change if they don;t have a pair I'm dying for though.
  10. It's not a waste if you love it and will use it often!! ;)

    Back to topic, I don't mind shelling out for small OR big things if I believe it's quality/classic. For example, one of the main reasons I do not purchase Chanel's costume jewelry is because, for the price, I would personally rather have real diamonds, pearls, and whatnot. On the other hand, I will spend $$ for clothes, shoes/accessories, and bags that will stand the test of time - the trendier items in my admittedly boring closet are mostly sale items.
  11. I do. I have walked into Chanel and spent 1k on everything, but a purse. Then when I go home, I realize I could have used that 1k on a Chanel purse instead of more sunnies I don't need and jewelry that will tarnish.
  12. i will only buy cheap accessories like the cc earrings retail. if i want something else i try and find it cheaper on eBay. i went to chanel this weekend with my mom and tried on the long pearl necklace and loved it and she was shocked it was 700 dollars for fake pearls. and she has a point. a wallet is different though- i use my lv wallet everyday and it takes a beating so i like to have a nice wallet. and since i really only change it every few years i think it's worth it to spend a lot of money. i wouldn't spend a lot on sunglasses because i lose them so often. then again i bought a 60 dollar pair (which i thought was a lot because they were actually 100something but on sale) and still have them 2 years later. mainly because i never wear them. lol.

    i do know though that the number of hermes scarves i have i could totally have a bag. sometimes it upsets me but i love my scarves and i can wear them with so many things in so many ways i think it's ok.
  13. I agree about avoiding faux pearl necklaces. I'd rather wear the real deal. The prices of the ballet flats that I love, have jumped in price -- as well as the bags. I don't think the price hikes will subside. (Boy, I hope I'm wrong.) Unless your pockets are as deep as the Grand Canyon, it would not be unwise to shop for the "classic" bags. By that I mean what you envision yourself using five, 10 years from now. Imagine what the prices are going to be in five, 10 years -- of everything not just Chanel. (gasp)
  14. I don't have a problem shelling out for large or small purchases as I plan almost every purchase. I love buying Chanel jewelry and shoes just as much as their bags!
  15. i tend to spend on chanel accessories (well even then, some of my recent accessories haul were gifts) and i've only bought 2 pairs of chanel sunnies-- the most recent purchase was to replace my old pair that i broke! For me, i usually only stop spending on the small things when i have a big purchase planned... but like what smooth said, the recent price increases have been a big deterrent for me when it comes to plonking out my $$$ on a new bag (unless its :love: at 1st sight)!