Shelf Report - MOUSSE Paddy!

  1. MOUSSE PADDY SATCHEL at Nordstrom, OR :nuts: I know they can be had less expensive @ LVR, but at least this is returnable in a pinch... 503-620-0555 (handbags, Allison or Kathy). They also have lots of blanc, chocolate, jaune, noir and metallic pockets, shoppers and zippys. :biggrin: No Ediths :sad2: Another store had black shoppers, and maybe pockets 503-224-6666 Sue. And Mammab spotted a whole slew of Chloes at Nordstrom Bellevue WA!
  2. How much is the mousse satchel? I know prices went up, but I don't know what jeans moyen was $1480.
  3. Deh - I didn't ask! When I got my twinsy-returnsy jeans moyen it was twinsy $1480! They shipped it for free too - nice. The SA said the price would be increasing in the next batch - anyone know current (Nordstrom) retail? I'll give them a buzz tomorrow.
  4. The new paddy satchel now is 1540.00.. The large zippy is 1820.00 compared to 1720.00 which I got my large zippy in whiskey last month. Also they have large zippy in chocolate for 1820.00 as well and the chocolate large zippy I have bought but returned is only 1720.00. Chloe increases the price every season! LV is not bad compared to chloe cause LV just does that once a year!:Push:
  5. Wonder if the backstock on the shelves will make them rethink their ways? Naaah...