Shelf life of Hermes colognes/perfumes?

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  1. Generally how long will a bottle last before changing its character? I dont want to overload my collection, as I dont wear cologne everyday. Hermes is my most expensive, but most loved. Bel-ami, polo purple, and drakar noir are still 1/2 full. Soon to add Hermes Terre. Although I must say my Hermes never spoiled or changed, even after a few yrs.
  2. It seems H fragrances last a long time. I bought this bottle of Bel Ami in the early 90s and like the design of the bottle which reminded me of tortoise shell and bone ivory. I've used up only half the bottle and it still smells as spicy as the day I first got it.

    Another is the original Hermes eau de cologne splash in 13.5 oz green bottle which I bought in the late 90s. Half of the bottle still remains and smells wonderful and fresh. Just keep your bottles of joy away from direct sunlight. Currently, I enjoy the smell of Eau des Merveilles which I spray on my bath linens...if you could describe in a perfume a beautiful sunny day, this would be the scent.
  3. as with ANY fragrance, it depends on how you store it. If you keep it away from LIGHT and HEAT, it will last longer
  4. My grand mother has fragrances of all kinds from even as far back as the 50s. They all have the same smell, but they will evaporate, so even some of the unopened bottles of hers are slowly getting "empty".
  5. yeah most high quality perfumes i.e. $70+, which is basically all fashion perfumes. Dont really go off or change smells too quickly at least not in my experience, my mother rarely wears perfume and has some ralph lauren, chanel and dior fragrances for well over 20 years old, and smell fine (or course i wasn't around to smell them when they were 1st bought to compare) i have heard sunlight and humidity are the things most likely to affect perfume. And the type of bottle often does too, if its crystal, metal or thick glass its usually fine (all H perfumes are one of these) and the type of spritzer influences it as well, this is why the screw tops were phased out, they are really bad, as they make the perfume evaporate quite quickly but more importantly emit other odors into the fragrance hence altering it. You would rarely find any perfume these days that isn't fixed with a seal top.
  6. ^^^Perfume 101 by naughtymanolo. Very informative.