Shelf life of eye shadows?

  1. I feel that the woman I went to at LM chose a more spring time look for me, but she spent hours on me, and I don't want her to loose her commission, so I decided to keep the stuff, but I'm wondering if I can keep this till spring and start using or just alternate it?
  2. according to the podcast of

    eyeshadows - 2-3 years
    eyeliner/lipliner - 1-2 years & sharpen in between use
    lipstick - throw anything older than 2 years
    concealer - every 12 months
    foundations - (oil-based) 18 months, (powder) 2 years
    mascara - 3 months
  3. ^^Terrific! Thanks for that!! Thats my problem with macara, I don't want to spend alot just for a couple of months.
  4. also depending on what type, I know that you should scrap the top lining off to make sure everything stays sanitary.
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