Sheesh, What to do? Husband bag drama!

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  1. Ok, so I have been dying for coach to come out with a purple and brass bag, I didn't like the raisin Kristin one, btw.

    So I get the PCE the madison leather hobo is out and I think this is my HG of bags. Well, I get to the store, LOVE it on the hanger thingy, but the Mia Maggie signature sateen in brown with the gold c's catches my eye too. I decide on the leather hobo as I like the crossbody feature about it.

    I wasn't overly impressed with the feel of the madison hobo leather or the shoulder strap (it was really thin), but the color purple and brass hardware I LOVE. The hardware makes an odd clinking sound, that kinda drove me nuts while walking around with it in the store, but thought I would get over that cause I LOVE THE COLOR!!

    Fast forward, get home show DH the bag and he says, color of the bag is nice, but the leather looks cheap and the sound the bag makes is terrible! I couldn't believe it. I had sorta thought the samething about the feel of the leather in the store, but looked past it cause I like the color and hardware and the crossbody feature.

    So what do I do? Do I keep the bag or do I go back and get the Mia Maggie signature one even though it isn't a crossbody bag. I LOVE the shimmery gold c's and the lucious purple lining...

    What would y'all do?

    TIA and sorry it is a book!
  2. I'd say get what is going to make You happy! If you can't get the Maggie out of your mind, go get her:smile:Or it may end up being the one that got away.

  3. I got the purple hobo too because I love purple and have wanted a true purple leather bag. I like the raisin color but to me, it's just not purple. I'm the opposite with the hardware, love silver hardware and am ok with brass on some bags but would have rather had silver on this one. I ignored the hardware though because I like the style of the bag(I really like the crossbody option too!) and of course because it's purple. My husband actually approved, said I could get it and didn't make any smart comments when I got home, like he does usually.
    We both agreed though that the leather is DEFINITELY not as nice as the Madison leather usually is, which is disappointing because I love the Madison leather. So you're not the only one who thinks the leather isn't as good. I'm trying to just look at it as totally different, even if it's in the Madison line. I do like that it's fairly lightweight since I hate when bags weigh too much before I even put anything in it!
    I know what you mean about the clanking, a few of my bags do that and I think I've actually gotten used to it because it annoys my husband sometimes and I'm just like huh? I didn't hear anything, haha.
    I wasn't a big fan of the Mia bags at first but they are definitely growing on me. If they had an eggplant Mia Maggie, I would be all over it. So, I would go with your gut! If you keep thinking about the Mia then go for it. That's how I know if I really want a bag, if I just keep thinking about it or going back to it after thinking of others.
    Sorry, I wrote a book back! Hope it helps!
  4. ^^it does help actually! Glad I am not the only one. I may look at the brown signature Madison too tomorrow when I go back. (not sure if I am willing to give up the crossbody feature)
    Thanks again!
  5. I say...if you are at all doubting it (which you obviously are because it was on your mind enough to make a post about it) then that means your not absolutly 100% in love with it.

    If it was the bag you were dying for, then you'd leave happy and never look back :smile:

    That's my say anyways...whenerever I have to second guess any feature about a bag, that's when I truly know I should've went with the other choice. WHen I leave with THE ONE, I never ever, second guess it :smile:
  6. ita!
  7. Straight men, for the most part, have no eye for this sort of thing...get the bag you really want

  8. NOW that was FUNNY!:biggrin:
  9. I saw just get what you want. Your husband would want that more than anything else, including his opinion I would think. :smile: If the noise and such doesn't bother you really cause you love it so much, stick with it.
  10. If by Madison hobo you mean the Hailey - I wanted a Sabrina when I saw it the day before, but they changed the floorset and I couldn't get it the next day when we went to buy my first Coach.

    After months of trying to get DH to agree to me getting a Coach I wasn't going to leave empty-handed and start the 'debate' over - so I got the Hailey.

    It does click when you walk because of the hardware and it doesn't really work for what I carry and it's too heavy (I have shoulder problems). Every once in a while I see a Sabrina and think 'missed it by one day'!

    Sadly they wear like iron, so I'll be stuck with the Hailey for years before it wears out and I can get something else - so if you don't love it please take it back while you still can!
  11. tell him if he doesnt like it, he doesnt have to carry it lol. get what you love! its your hg!