Sheesh!!!! One problem after another (long)

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  1. i previously made a thread on how the crystals on my samantha sunnies were becoming very dull on one side and i had just purchased them 2 months ago....:tdown: well i went today to my nearest coach boutique to see what they could do about that but i did not have the receipt so the manager told me that since i dont have the receipt i could not replace them with others but i could send them out for repair but she said she really doubted they could do anything to fix them since there was no crystal missing. so i left the store pretty disappointed. :cursing: as i was walking around in the mall i made the decision to go back and tell her that i would like to send them out for repair and see what they could do. i think she knew that i most likely would get a credit for them since they were not going to be able to fix them so she decided to just exchange them for me right then and there.:yahoo: i was all happy and thanked her, well here comes the sucky part.... when i got out of the store i realized that the new glasses had scratches on the lens but i did not want to go back and ask for another pair because she had already done me the favor of replacing my old ones so i guess i was ok with the scratches but then when i got home i tried them on and they feel crooked on my face:wtf::wtf::wtf: like one side of the frames are touching my cheek and the other is not, very uncomfortable. i know very weird but true. so now my dilemma is that i kinda dont want to take them back for others because like i said they did me afavor in replacing them and i think taking them back would be asking for too much. please ladies, help me out and tell me what i should now!!!!!!!!! very confused!!!!!!!!!:confused1:
  2. You should go back. I had a similar problem. I return my black Keri sunglasses for the brown ones. So, when I was leaving I notices that they had more visible darker parts. I know its common on that color, but the amount of darkened areas bothered me. They almost looked like a different color. Like a tiger or something. So I walk back and told him. He said it was fine and gave me another, but I think it was worse. So he just took me to the place where they keep them and allowed me to look. I am happy with the ones I choose. I figured that if I am going to pay more that 100 dollars on glasses, I might as well love them so much.
  3. i'm just many scratches and what kind? scratches that you could tell are there when you hold them up to the light? i think you should just go back to the store because there are so many more problems than you had before. it sounds like she was very nice to you for exchanging them (REALLY NICE) and would even hear you out on these more serious issues. the stones weren't much of an issues (cosmetic) and now you have structural issues.... structural issues are a little more difficult to deal with because you can feel the glasses crooked on your face, and maybe you could see the scratches on the lenses when you wear them. just go back and tell her (if she's there) that you're very sorry for causing all the trouble, maybe even tell her that you're embarassed to go back to ask and don't want to trouble her, and see if you could get another one. i think such an expensive purchase needs to be perfect.
    i've delt with customers like that before..yes, it's a pain in the butt, but when i look at it the other way around, i would probably have been the same way as they are so...i try to sympathize.
  4. I would totally go back and ask for an exchange. The worst the manager could do is not exchange them in the store, and have them sent off for repair. I know it feels awkward, and I'm sure you don't want the manager to feel like you don't appreciate her helpfulness, but I would see it like this....The manger didn't purchase all of the merchandise in the store, and if you exchange glasses, it's not coming out of her paycheck.Plus, if they want you to keep coming back, and have your friends or family shop there, then its not to much to ask them to honor their product. Also, assuming you got them at the boutique, don't they keep track of what we purchase?? I hope this helps, and I'm rooting for you.
  5. If you feel weird about returning to same boutique, is there another location that you could goto for the exchange rather than the original one?
  6. If it was just the fit, I would say just go to an optometrist or a sunglasses store and have them adjust them to fit your face, but since there are also scratches, try exchanging them. The new ones may not fit exactly though, since everyones ears and nose are different, slightly higher or lower on one side, etc, so I would still suggest getting them adjusted to fit your face by an eyeglass place. Good luck!
  7. I agree, definitely go back and do an exchange. It would be a waste to spend over $100 on glasses aren't perfect! It's not your fault that the glasses are crooked and scratched up. I'm sure the manager would be more than willing to give you another pair. Don't be afraid, it can't hurt to ask!
  8. yes i have another boutique but this one is about 30 minutes away so didnt want to drive so far but i think im going to have to and see what they tell me. maybe i just have to tighten the screw a little on one side, what do you guys think?
  9. Just go back to the same Boutique and explain as others have suggested. Let them know that you went home and tried to talk yourself into keeping them (w/scratches), but didn't feel comfortable trading in one problem for another.

    No point going to another location, they talk to each other, and you're not doing anything wrong.

    This is your money at risk, and COACH wants you to be pleased with your purchase.

    Don't put it off, go right away. Well, when they're open!
  10. If you got eyeglasses and the fit was not right, crooked on you face you would go back and get them corrected , right? The same with the sunglasses.

    Just explain like everyone else said. I am sure they will exchange for a pair that are not scratched and crooked. Then take those to an eyewear professional to be adjusted to your face. You will be happy you did it and because they were helpful, you will go back and spend your money there again.
  11. What a great idea! I love my samanthas but they kill my ears! I'm going to try this!