Sheesh! It can be sooo hard ordering from SA's who don't know bbags

  1. So, I just got off the phone with an SA at Neiman Marcus. I have been searching for an anthracite flat clutch with GH, but have had no luck. Finally, I call NM and they have a flat clutch with a wrist strap and GH, but when I ask her if the bag is dark grey, she says its not dark grey, but more of a cement color. I ask her if there is any tan in it (wondering if its sandstone) and she says, its just grey.

    What color could it be?? I ordered it anyway, praying it turns out to be anthracite, but its just really annoying that I couldn't get any more concrete information from her.
  2. Yep, it happened to me at NM in Newport Bch, CA! I was looking for the French Blue Matelasse, and she didn't colors, styles, notta!!!
  3. I've been told that NM didn't order any Anthracite, sooo you might discontinue your search there. Supposedly, Saks and Nordstroms did have some in stock, though I don't know which ones or what models. I went through the same with NM for a anthrawork. Color description for bbags can be impossible for the uninitiated!!!! Especially anthracite - "well, it's a dark grey with some blue undertones or green undertones, depending on the bag and in just the right light it might even look a bit black. it's a neutral but an interesting one......" Good luck.
  4. Sounds like you might be getting it in Naturel...

    I feel your pain...I have experienced the very same thing w/a Neiman's SA. I thought I was getting a Part Time in Sandstone, and ended up getting a Work in Naturel ... how's that for mixed up!?!?
  5. I called back and I am sooo glad I did because I think it was a greige shoulder. I guess saying gold hardware wasn't enough because the regular hardware is technically gold. I called just before she rang it up.

    Ok, I am resuming my search.
  6. yeah, this happens all the time. I once ordered two cities from Saks, one natural and one bleu glacier, end up getting an anthracite and a sandstone!!!