Sheesh!! How did I forget to post pics of this! I love my DH!

  1. I know its a little late but I was 1500 miles away from home for Christmas and couldnt post pics of my brand new Ali Khaki/coal that my sweetie gave me for Christmas. I just love it!!
    Just thought you'd like to see all of my junk inside too:girlsigh:
    Ebay Pics 669.jpg Ebay Pics 670.jpg Ebay Pics 666.jpg Ebay Pics 667.jpg Ebay Pics 665.jpg
  2. AWWW what a sweetie! I love your new bag! Congrats!
  3. Aww thanks.......hes the best!:love:
  4. What a sweet DH! I love that bag - the black/khaki combo is so versatile.

  5. Thanks greenpixie! BTW, I dont know if your interrested but I thought I'd let you know the bag in your avatar is at my local Nordies on the clearance table:nuts: Its beautiful in person!!:drool:
  6. Aw thanks Kimmie! I actually just got it this past weekend at the outlets and I love it! You are right - she is gorgeous in person. See my post

    BTW it is nice to have you back posting regularly again - you are such a sunshine-y presence here in the Coach forum. :flowers:
  7. ARGH! Don't be SO mean! PINK!!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  8. It's never to late to post an Ali...Or any Coach for that matter...Wow...Lucky lady you are indeed...;)
  9. that bag is gorgeous and looks great on you! :tup: BTW where did you get that cute pink card holder? I think I need one! :graucho:
  10. I love the khaki/black combo! The brass heart keyfob looks perfect on her, congrats :tup:
  11. Beautiful bag, but I'm confused. Isn't that the Legacy Shoulder Flap? It's looks a lot like the bag I'm carrying today. Either way it's a great bag, I absolutely love it and you wear it well.
  12. love it also! I have that bag in chocolate...its so comfy on the shoulder!:tup:

  13. aww thanks! My MIL got it for me at Dillards. It was one of my Christmas presents. I just love it! Here is both sides.
    Ebay Pics 671.jpg Ebay Pics 672.jpg
  14. Congrat's... beautiful bag.
  15. Very nice!! Does the flap get in the way?? I love the look but I'm afraid the larger flap will just bug me to death. Love the color combo!!!