Sheer Cover

  1. has anyone tried this? i saw the info-merical over the weekend. it seems just like bare minerals. wanted to see if this was any better.
  2. I haven't tried it, but I just recently purchased Everyday Minerals after hearing such good feedback about it on the forum. It seems a lot of folks who have tried Bare Minerals and Everyday Minerals say Everday is just as good if not better and costs less. I'm happy with it, but I have nothing to compare it too because this is the first mineral product I have tried. If you decied to try Sheer Cover I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. TIA.
  3. I have tried it and I like it. But I get it from an E-Bay dealer. The packages are way too small for the money they are asking you to subscribe. And I only use the foundation powder anyway so I don't need all the other crap they try to sell you.
  4. I have tried it and its good, but no better than some of the cheaper brands. I am just soooooo messy when I use mineral powders though.

    I saw the seductive infomercial and had to try some, but I bought it from an eBay seller at a much lower price.
  5. I didnt like it at all! It did'nt last and it didnt make my skin look no where near as good as those girls on the comercials!:nogood:
  6. I really really love Bella Rose by Pur Minerals. I believe they sell it either on QVC or HSN. My mom put me on autoship for it and I love it. I've tried Sheer Cover, Bare Minerals, Bare Escentuals, and Everyday Minerals, and Bella Rose is by far the best. They also give a lot more compared to other brands.
  7. They're really promoting the powder / airbrush finish - Does this have a matte finish or a shiny finish to it?

    I've had no luck with Jane Iredale, bare mineral and bare escentuals.
    Thank you so much!
  8. I think you mean Bella Rose by Serious Skin Care which is sold on HSN. PurMinerals also sells mineral makeup on shopnbc.
  9. I just saw the same infomercial and wondered the same thing.