Sheer Cover MakeUp

  1. Does anyone use this? I just saw a commercial for it, thought it looked pretty good. Although it looks a lot like Bare Minerals, and I know a lot of people arent a big fan of that line.
    So, feedback anyone?
  2. Yeah, I watched the infomercial and it really made me want to try it, but I didn't. I checked for Sheer Cover's reviews, and i wasn't too impressed. Plus, it is a lot like BE. Oh, and there are simply way too much stuff to fuss with. Right now, I'm using Pur Minerals in Light and Light/Medium in the summer. It's a pressed powder, so less the mess.
  3. Do you like Pure Minerals? Where do you get it from?
  4. You can get it at Ulta, but it's cheaper to get it at I get mine from TSC (Canada's QVC). You can go to Ulta and try it out. If you like it, order it from shopnbc. They usually have special kits and you can save more.
  5. I just saw the same infomercial and wondered the same thing. seems its about 30$ for a trial kit that will last 2 months.. Thought about giving it a try..
  6. [​IMG] high_yellow on 3/19/2008 10:03:00 PM more reviews by high_yellow
    Age: 19-24 Skin Type: Acne-prone Skin Tone: Tan Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
    This product is fantastic. It is the only brand of mineral foundation that matches my skin tone (I am mixed black and white and the golden is PERFECT) and it really does even out my skin tone. I have super oily skin and this does not irritate it nor does it appear to melt off of my face. I Tried Bare Minerals twice and both times I didn't get the coverage that this gave me. Sheer cover really does "sit" on top of your face rather than sinking into your pores. Bare Minerals made my pores look huge. The only thing that sucks with this stuff is the price. But I don't care, I will continue to buy it.

    I also take the neg post to this product with a grain of salt. how many of these people have taken the time to apply and try different ways to apply it? I have used makeup for years and have yet to find the right color, in fact I have to mix two because of my skin tone. I could easily leave neg feedback about that product but tend to keep trying.

    [​IMG] *TOP REVIEWER* dbmiller on 2/28/2008 11:38:00 AM more reviews by dbmiller
    Age: 25-29 Skin Type: Very Dry Skin Tone: Fair-Medium Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Green
    I'm not gonna lie, I really love this stuff. I've been trying out various mineral foundations from drugstore to this to bareMinerals. Here's my conclusion: The more expensive ones, like this, are creamier in texture, while the drugstore ones, including Maybelline, Cover Girl, and Revlon, are pasty and hard to get good coverage. However, I won't bag on L'Oreal's because it's pretty close to being higher end in quality. I ordered the Light Starter Kit from Sheer Cover. Here's a breakdown of what I like and don't:
    Concealer - Loved it! Very creamy in texture and covers flawlessly.
    Foundation - Loved it! Excellent color match for me, creamy in texture, and provides good coverage, provides a good, but not over the top luminosity.
    DVD - Really good at showing some techniques for applying the makeup.
    Color Palette - Beautiful colors!
    Concealer Brush - Really good quality and applies the concealer and the foundation in concentrated amounts flawlessly.
    Foundation Brush - Not bad quality, but didn't apply the minerals with enough coverage for me. Had to use my bareMinerals brushes.
    Blending Brush - Not bad quality, but don't really have a use for it.
    On-the-Go Brush - Not bad quality, but don't really have a use for it.
    Six Days Bronzer - Not really into taking it off a piece of paper, plus I don't really like bronzers, so I probably won't use it.
    Cleanser - I'm afraid to try it due to my skin being so sensitive, and probably won't. UPDATE: Tried it and didn't like it. Might be ok for someone with normal-oily skin, but certainly not someone with dry.
    Moisturizer - I'm afraid to try it due to my skin being so sensitive, and probably won't.
    None of the cons are enough to make me not repurchase, I just won't get these things in my kit next time.
    Products that didn't come in the kit:
    Kabuki Brush - Hated this, weird texture and cheap.
    Finishing Powder - Excellent, finley milled texture, not pasty looking, has a slight sheen to it.
    Eye Collection - Loved the colors, but I wish they were more...shiny? They are a little pasty looking.
    Refreshing Mist - Loved it, does what it says it will do. Refresh and set makeup and hydrates skin.
    UPDATE: Absolutely adore this stuff. Colors match perfectly. I love the way it applies - you really do need less with this. Never looks pasty, but doesn't make me look too shiny either. I don't have to use any glow or shimmer products with this, because it provides the exactly amount of dewiness that I want.
  7. I just saw the informercial and am thinking about getting it. thank you for this thread.
  8. I used it, and I didn't like it as much as I did the Bare Minerals. The only thing I absolutely loved was the concealer.