sheepskin vs calfskin pandora

  1. hi wish to seek advice from you as i'm still a newbie for givenchy bags... any opinions/thoughts on sheepskin vs calfskin pandoras? e.g. weight, slouch, care...

    also, i thought i'd read somewhere that the sheepskin pandoras have a funny smell? is that true? and does the smell disappear after some use?
  2. I really love the feel of the lambskin over calfskin very smooth :p. I can't really say about the smell since I only held my friend's two bags both fairly used.
  3. I just returned my goatskin pandora, one of the reasons is its funny smell. It's also not as smooth as I expected. Anyway, it looks like a very durable and practical bag. I believe with use in time, the smell and leather will get soften.