Shecky's LA- fake stuff??

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  1. Hi,

    I wanted to know if any of you girls attended the Shecky's Girls Night Out event in LA at the American Legion in Hollywood this Wed and Thurs May 16 & 17? I went on Wednesday and am unsure of what to think about this event. I was browsing through a section and saw some cute looking purses. I looked at the tag and it was a Dolce and Gabbana purse for only $108!!! :wtf: They had several of those purses and some Prada ones too. All of them were in the $100 range. These were supposedly leather purses too. They even had a Marc Jacobs Stam bag for $108. My sister and I discussed this and figured it had to be fake.

    What is your take on this? Did they just have really great deals? Are they selling fake stuff at a public event? I don't understand...

    At least I got a free goodie bag.
  2. OMG OMG you know what - I went last night and I saw a fake isabella fiora and then this jerk tried to sell me some fake chanel glasses and i told him they were fake and he got really really venomous with me - I am SO anti-shecky's and am going to really tell them how I felt that it was a total scam and a rip off!!!

    the giftbag totally sucked too - it was full of drugstore junk and cheap garbage. and the place smelled like a mildew infested poker house - AND the stuff that was for sale was super low quality from the garmet district and totally ridiculously priced. I also saw a stand that was selling chinese laundry bags for $98 bucks - can you believe it????
  3. oh! and another thing about the shecky's event - they were selling these super cheap hoop earings that were fake gold , hollow and probably cost $2.00 in downtown for $20. give me a break. My friends and I spent more time in line to get in than in the actual event. and how are you going to have a booth for birth control pills??? I've never really been this disappointed in any event that I have been to, because at least it was a fun time, but this marketplace was just plain insulting.
  4. sister in law went to this!!!!!!! she called me when she was on the way home and told me about it. i was so dissapointed that i wasn't invited!!

    but uyeah--she said that there was a gucci bag she saw for about $100..she assumed it was fake b/c of the price.

    she brought me a goody bag though!! i will be picking that bag up tomorrow!

    she bought a pair of chanel sunglasses..for like $160.
  5. birth control pills? wtf!
  6. eww. gross.
  7. :yucky:
  8. yes ladies - it was really bad. I just got off the phone with my girlfriends and we all came to the conclusion that it was a big time scam. I almost want to ask for a refund, because the shecky's website claims that it's 100% guaranteed the best night out. and it SO wasn't. Thankfully the hollywood & highland was less than 2 blocks away so we were at least able to go to louis vuitton, origins, aveda and sephora to try to make up for the dumpy night.

    and they didn't even have plain water at the event, only midori mixed drinks - and I don't eat sugar stuff so I didn't want a drink.

    never again! :sick:
  9. uh - oh - she might want to get them authenticated, because I didn't see any authentic chanel glasses at the entire event. The jerko guy who tried to argue with me regarding authenticity told me 'you don't know what your talking about' and me and my sister in law pulled out around 3 pairs we had in our purses to show him the difference in workmanship. he was a real toad.
  10. oh no! I've always wanted to go to one of those because they sound so fun! Oh well
  11. I was really sad too because it totally sounded fun. and worse, I was super embarrased because I talked my two sister in laws who are both new mothers to get extended baby sitters & make the trip down to LA to go. Good thing we softened the blow with a trip to LV!