Shecky's Girls Night Out

  1. I'm really not sure if this is in the right place, but, this seemed the most appropriate to put this thread. I got an e-mail for this event, Shecky's, and I did a quicl thread search to learn more about it and have heard mixed reviews. Anyone have anything new to add about this event? Is it all fake goods, or, is it just really really cheap? thanks!

    Oh, and here's the link!
  2. I've been to the one in LA a few times and they can be a lot of fun. It's kind of hit and miss. There were a lot of up and coming designers (jewelry, clothing, and handbags), which is always cool to see. It was very crowded and I would definitely get there early to get the best selection. The goodie bags usually have some interesting items too. Having a night out with girlfriends is always fun!
  3. Well I guess it can be fun if you're hanging out with your girlfriends because the drinks are free. Well, at least they were when I went. However, if you're looking to score deals while shopping, this place is not it. Most of them are regularly priced. You should also get there early as funandsun said as there is a long line to get in.

    There was a post about this in an old thread but I didn't like seeing fake $100 Dolce and Gabbana bags so that just turned me off to everything else that was there. Maybe it'll be different this time???
  4. :huh:o i totally forgot about this event! Thanks for the heads up on the regularly priced items and FAKE BAGS (?!). I mite not be going this yr after all......
  5. Anyone going to the upcoming one in NYC? Is it worth going?
  6. hmm.. i might have to check out the dallas one on may 6th!
  7. i went to the one in nyc last year and it was eh. the goody bag had some useful stuff in it, but otherwise there was nothing really to buy (all the merchandise was either not marked down enough or not really my style). they had some booths giving out samples (like cetaphil and boscia) but that was really it IMO.
  8. Yes, I know these events well. The drinks aren't actually free: you have to pay a fee when you walk in the door or buy tickets online beforehand. I think the concept is a good one. They definitely make their vendors offer discounts but the vendors they choose are a bit pricey, so that's kind of the problem. I have found some different designers at their events. I always kind of just opted to not go (after the first few) and have managed to shop their designers online when the post them on the site. The events get pretty crowded. Word of Advice: Make sure if you go you collect your goody bag first because towards the middle of the night things get absolutely crazy!
    In NYC, there are other events you can go to similar to this one that are free so now I stick to those. Truthfully, i went to this event because I didn't have to pay.
  9. I am going with a friend tonight, we got loaded on the last one on the Chambord Martinis, we had a good time. I'm looking to buy a necklace from a vendor that was there last time that will be there again tonight. Sunset in Soho necklace- stunning. I just hope it is cheaper there than on the website.
  10. My friend and I had a lot of fun. Lots of handbags but I did not buy any, I bought 2 necklaces from Eda and Betty- no tax and 70% off some styles from the website so I was happy. We did the beer pairings, drank Finladia Vodka drinks, bought lingerie, good times!
  11. The one in Dallas sucked last year--a bunch of fake crap at the booths, not really anything too good in the gift bags--the drinks were free, but who cares--
  12. I went to the Shecky's event in Chicago last night, and I totally agree with what you said about the NYC one last year. The gift bag had some nice trial size samples of stuff, but all the merch was either not my style or seemed to be more than it was worth.

    Also there were extremely long lines for the drinks and the food samples, but they did walk around with trays sometimes so that made up for it.
  13. the one in dc last year was such a waste of my time.
    The goodie bag consisted of a book (trashy romance novel), hair ties from goody, a lemon bar, a coupon for an outlet that was 1.5 hours away from dc (why?).

    extremely long line for drinks - no food samples
    the stuff that was being sold was extremely overpriced

    and you couldn't even reuse the actual shecky's bag b/c it's made of cheap plastic material.

    never again.
  14. i went last year to one in miami, it was OK, some cute local jewelry designers, I would say go if you can take a few girlfriends and can do dinner afterwards, or if you don't have anything better to do. best advice is to be early and first in the door, (best selection is at the begining) wear something that is easy to slip clothes on and off (like a tank top, leggings) becuase not all places have dressing rooms. and the goody bag was pretty lame.