Shearling Coat?

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    lamb skin, the mother is killed just before giving birth and her fetus is cut out. The pelts of the unborn lambs are prized in the fashion world for their silk-like sheen. It takes the skin from an entire lamb to make one karakul hat. This is known as 'shearling'
  2. :wtf:
    I really don't think it is a good idea to post this...........
  3. Agree. Bad idea.
    OK lolly, I looked at your other posts and it seems you only joined tPF to edify fur-wearers on the evils of fur. I suggest you pack your things and leave if you have nothing nice to say. I can tolerate a little preaching from active members who contribute to tPF but happen to be against fur, but this is pretty ridiculous. You have no reason to be here.
  4. this post doesn't really contribute to the PURSE Forum.
    You're welcome to contribute and post non-graphic posts, but if your sole purpose is to preach against fur, please try and find a more non-offensive method please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.