Shearling boots help!

  1. I would really love a pair of shearling boots to help with the Arctic-style winters here on the East coast. However, spending over $200 is going to be hard to manage without knowing they are amazing boots that will last and last. And I'd like something a little, well sexier and with more heel than Uggs. I thought of the Michael Kors Beaverton, but I can only find it in faux shearling, and my feet get so cold, I'd like the real thing.

    So, any recommendations? Especially non-Uggs recommendations (choices are nice, you see!)
  2. If you want sexy...

    Circa Joan & David (from Zappos)

    If you want fun...

    Paris Blues (from
  3. Gosh, you really are a shoeangel!

    Thanks! :smile: