Shea Butter – which brand?

  1. I’m thinking about buying some this weekend, but I want to make sure I start off right.

    Which brand would you all recommend, and if possible where would I buy the suggested brands?
  2. I love Palmers.
  3. L'Occitane carries a wide variety of shea butter products of varying intensities as well as unscented and scented. Their stuff is somewhat pricey though - I'm not sure if there's a drugstore alternative.

    But L'occitane's stuff is so good that I think it's worth it.
  4. are you looking for pure shea butter, or shea butter products that contain additional ingredients? if you're looking for pure shea butter, i highly recommend shea souffle from it's pure shea butter that's been whipped, so it's softer than the solid shea that's sold everywhere, and much easier to work with. it makes a great lip balm, balm for dry feet and elbows, additive to face and body creams, you name it.
  5. Thanks, I'll try this! (It seems I might have to wait though...)

    Any more suggestions?
  6. I use the L'Occitane and love it.
  7. ^ I second L'occitane.
  8. Basin's Body butter. Lots of good scents and it feels SO SO good.

    Check out their shampoo bars. They look like a round bar of soap but they are shampoo and they really really work, rinse clean, and leaves my hair really shinny. I was totally shocked how well they worked.
  9. i use 100% shea butter that my mom sends for me from N.Y.
  10. I use L'occitane too! Pricey but it's worth it! ;)
  11. L'Occitane 100% or L'Occitane can get them at L' or at Sephora. They are amazing.
  12. I will 2nd that. L'Occitane has the best Shea mask that I use as a moisturizer
  13. L'occitane
  14. L'Occitane for sure! I use shea butter/cold cream soap and all their shea butter moisturizers, they're fantastic!
  15. I love Palmer's. It smells soooooooooo good.