Shea Butter on your hair...anyone try this?

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  1. So I checked out this book at my local library the other day on Fekkai Beauty products and I read in one of the articles that if you apply Shea Butter to you hair, you are moisturizing it very deep and it makes your hair super soft. It says to leave it on all day and then rinse it out. Has anyone heard of this or tried it?:confused1:
  2. I've used it before to smooth fly-aways :yes:
  3. I use a pea size amount on my hair. You have to warm it and melt it in your hands first and it works similar to a pomade. Just be careful not to use too much because it can build up if you go overboard (just use a clarifying shampoo once every couple weeks if it does), but it's great because it's all natural and works well as a styler.

    I had to switch to using it because I started reacting to synthetic products. It does condition my hair well and adds shine.
  4. Yup, currently using it. I highly recommend it. I've definitely tortured my hair over the last few years between coloring, dryer, straightener, and curling iron and I tried everything. Someone else here recommended this product so I tried it and use it 2x week. Works wonders!
  5. Shea butter like you purchase at the store in the lotion section??
  6. I think they use 100% shea butter. It is thicker, like wax, and you would need to warm it in your hands. L'Occitaine makes one that comes in a tin. It's also perfect for heels of your feet!
  7. Yep, it does moisturize well. Just don't use to much else your hair will feel greasy and that's no good.
  8. Do NOT try this unless you have dry hair.
  9. Try coconut oil too! I read that it has the closest molecular structure to sebum (the oil your scalp and skin produce) so it will absorb into your hair most easily.

    I have dry, damaged hair and I too cannot use a lot of products with synthetic ingredients (like sulfates and silicones!) and I use coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment about twice per week... I work it into my ends up to about ear level, and put it up while I work out. then I shampoo and use a light conditioner... my hair is so soft, bouncy and managable, it's just amazing!

    It's very inexpensive too... I bought I big jar for $6.00... and a little goes a really, really long way, so the one jar lasts for months, if not more than a year!
  10. Yep Coconut Oil is a goodie as well. Never knew that about the molecular structure. I have tried shea butter, coconut oil and jojoboa oil to try and stay away from some of the products that have a laundry list of chemicals that I am somewhat scared of.
  11. coconut oil rocks! It has been used as a sort of hair viagra for thousands of years for a reason...
  12. I will have to try me some coconut oil then. I color my hair at least once a month. This last color that I applied left my hair very dry for some reason. I had highlights and I colored over them so that may be the problem. I'm trying to get my hair one color since going to the salon is getting a bit pricey. Thanks for the recommendations. I will continue with the shea butter and def buy some coconut oil.
  13. ^^^ If you haven't used it before, start small, really small, a drop or two rubbed into palms, then ends of hair first.

    You do not want to look like Vajpayee. Or one of those sweet old ladies that thinks that those comb marks look really good, cause they let everybody know you oiled your hair that day. Or something.

    It is a wonderful product, that can take the place of a whole shelf of expensive stuff, but a little goes a long way, a bottle will go out of date before you use it up.

    Unless you also use it on your skin, which you should totally do, it will amaze you!
  14. I've never used straight shea butter, but have shea butter shampoo and conditioner from Organix that works very well.