She won a Gucci =)

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  1. spamlicious
  2. What? Is this some sort of advertisement??
  3. There are all sorts of weird posts tonight. And I suppose she just happens to look like a model, is wearing clothes that match the bag she won and is airbrushed? LOL! :roflmfao:
  4. I DO like that bag though!!!!
  5. ?????:wtf:
  6. bad advertisiment!!!the same link posted everywhere!:confused1:
  7. huh
  8. Well, no, only posted here, and posted here to share Jennifer's win (and yes, to tell you all where she won it.) And no, she isn't a model (although she does think it's fantastic that someone thinks she is =) and yes, she wore something to go with the purse, since her husband was going to take her picture to send to us, and no, the picture isn't "air-brushed" (whatever that means.) Just a nice woman who entered a contest and won a Gucci. End of story.
  9. Please let us know where "everywhere" is.
  10. I don't get it.:confused1:
  11. If it's all so innocent, I wonder why my post bothered you so much! :confused1:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.