She was a great deal!

  1. OK Girls…what do you think. Got a great deal on her at Nordstrom’s tonight. Cost was $398, on sale for $198! I could not leave her in the sales bin. What do you think about her for a summer travel bag? She is as big as the large Carly.
    dscn0588.jpg dscn0589.jpg dscn0590.jpg dscn0596.jpg
  2. Have that same one - I like it! It holds a lot. Good choice.
  3. I really like that style duffle. The laces are hot. You rescued her from the bin and she will be forever grateful!!
  4. Great Deal!!!!! I know the feeling of getting a good feels soooooooo good! I just got my Bubble Fish Tote that retails for 498 for 200!! :yahoo:

    LOVE that bag! It looks great on you.
  5. I found the small one in Nordstrom Rack for $149 but I returned it.

  6. I really love that duffle, congrats! It will be great for travel.
  7. cute duffle, congrats!
  8. Nice!! I think that size is perfect.. !
  9. Love the laces, nice choice and great deal!
  10. Great deal!! Congrats, she's a beauty! :yahoo:
  11. looks great! congrats.
  12. Wow, what a deal. She looks great!
  13. Love the laces and design and think that will be a great travel bag. Congrats on getting such a great deal!
  14. wait i never knew they made them that big! i have a medium one and i ve never seen a large one!!!
  15. Such a beautiful duffle -- congrats!