She Uemura 20% off

  1. [FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, serif][SIZE=-1] Shu Uemura Sale
    The Japanese beauty line is offering up its awesome products at 20 percent off.
    Why: Who doesn’t have a Shu fetish?
    When: Thru Dec. 17.
    Where: Online at Enter code HOLIDAY07 at checkout.
  2. Ah shu uemura... how I love your eyelash curler.

    Do you know if they ship to Aus? Something tells me no.
  3. Thanks so much! I love Shu Uemura!
  4. Thanks a bundle! I've been waiting for this. Love their cleansing oil, mascara, eyelash curler and eyeshadows. Time to stock up. Thanks again dmnyc.
  5. do they offer FS?
  6. oohh i'm so tempted to try the eyelash curler that everyone raves about...but the question is..which one is it?? I clicked on the "favorites" link on the site and then accessories...and I saw the eyelash curler as a favorite and tried to click on the link that they provided but it wouldn't work..and so I tried looking for it under eyelash curlers...and i'm not sure which one it please!
  7. code is not working???:confused1:
  8. It works. Don't put it in the Gift Certificate box where you fill in your address. There's a coupon code box on teh Order Summary page.
  9. ^ thanks so much!! It worked LOL
    I was just able to stock up on my favorite concealer and some eyeshadows.
    I also bought their cute travel brush set,2 eyeshadows, a Glow-on brush in Amber,
    and some other things like Lashes and adhesive. I love Shu products!!!!
    Their eyeshadows are the best! The colors are so rich and go on so smooth.

    I was going to try their Cleansing Oils - but I read some conflicting reviews
    on them - a lot of people broke out from them - so I decided to not try it. :smile:

  10. can anyone help with this? i would like to know as well which one is the famous lash curler?
  11. Ladies, I highly recommend going to Shu Uemura and check out there eyeshadows and buy them online w/ this discount code! They're great eyeshadow and I have been using only this brand for years! The colors are gorgeous!
  12. Thanks for the code, I was able to save $20 for my favorite lipsticks and eyeliners.
  13. Thank you! I just ordered several Depsea products. :smile:
  14. Thank you! I missed the Sephora F & F and this sure makes up for it. I got the Metallic Gunmetal Brown eyeshadow, lipgloss gift set, sable brush and popular eyelash curler.