She took my purse hook

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  1. Grrr. I went out with a group of friend's last weekend and used my purse hook to hang it my bag from the bar. Anyway, my friend's GF saw it and thought it was awesome and wanted to hang her bag (which she puts on the floor and stuff) on the same hook as mine. I told her that she could borrow my spare hook for the night. So I pulled out the other hook and she hung her bag on that one.

    Fast forward to the end of the night and we were all leaving. She takes her bag off of my hook and says "Thanks for the hook! It's totally awesome!" And then she threw it in her purse! I was so dumbfounded I didn't know what to say/do.

    I can't believe she took my purse hook! Granted it was 2/$8, but still, the set is now no more.

    Grrr... I need to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a new set.

    I still can't believe she took my hook. :tdown:
  2. That's rude.
  3. Oh my goodness! People, people, people!:cursing:
  4. rude.:tdown:
  5. I would have said, "I loaned you that for the night" but that's just me...
  6. wow. what a crazy person. maybe you can borrow it right back from her! :smile:
  7. lol she was prob just drunk
  8. ITA

    Still sucks that she broke up your set though :sad:
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. Some people! That was rude.
  11. hahahahaha! Well, that is what friends are for right, to "borrow" our stuff? Look, she is your friend and if it really bothers you, just casually mention it to her that you forgot to get your purse hook back the other night when you loaned it to her because ya'll were having such a great time. Personally, I would consider it a "gift" to a buddy. Purses on the floor are bad luck and so look at is as helping your friend have better luck with money! :tup:
  12. She's not someone that I consider a friend. She's my friend's girlfriend...

    It's an uncomfortable conversation to have with a friend over an item that was less than $10...

    Before she took my hook, and as a gesture of good will, I was going to go and get her her own set to have, but not any more. :cursing:

    Oh and I wish I could blame it on her being drunk, but she wasn't. She was DD that night.
  13. O I've been in a situation like that. It's horrible, because you are like 'I thought I mentioned borrow!' And don't want to be rude or 'greedy' by wanting it back.
    But you know, just see it as a learning experience, be prepared to for a next time and friendly say with a smile you will need it to help other friends out in same situations or something of that kind, or better, say really clear in advance you will need something back at the end of the night before you hand it out!
  14. That's incredibly rude & rather tacky, though let's hope she was drunk & will remember to return it to you.

    Roxana, I like that line!

  15. Sorry--I thought she was one of YOUR friends. Well, unless you want to have a really awkward conversation and possibly make your friend feel really awkward too, you may just want to let it go and just remember to never lend the girl anything. Not fun, but at least you know that she kinda has sticky fingers.