She Threw Her Coach In The Washer!

  1. Someone here did it recently and it came out great.
  2. ^ Yeah, I remember reading about it.
  3. I've found that tide to go pens work great on getting spots out on fabric bags.

    But I'm pretty OCD about what bag I use in what conditions and where I put it. I've never let mine get dirty enough that it would need washed.
  4. OMG , that takes some courage! I don't think I could ever do it!
  5. I'm still in shock!!! I guarantee you if I did that, it would come out looking like it had been put down a garbage disposal! Brave lady!:sweatdrop:
  6. I could never do that. Thats just :nuts:
  7. I was soo hoping you would post here. I thought of you and I first when I read this.
    We would have to be sedated !!!!:lol:
    We would never make it to the spin cycle!!!!
  8. I think I could do it...depending on the bag of course... I just would NEVER put it in the dryer! Thats too much movement for the poor thing!!!! I think i'd wash it on delicate and just let it air dry... I'm sure Wool-lite (or whatever it is) is probably the best way to go... On cold... That girl might be a little loopy for putting it in a dryer.. I mean, look what it does to sneakers... they get all weird and curled up.....
  9. You know what though...if the purses is that trashed and so dirty that you don't want to carry it in that have nothing to lose.
    Great to know that it can survive the ride through the washing machine...
    don't get me wrong...I'd still be :wondering freakin' out while it was in
  10. I would have done it too, considering the fabric and the condition of the bag. :yes:
  11. I have a couple canvas bags that need a good cleaning, esp on the bottom. One of them is a duffle and has the suede lining the bottom. I want to try, but I wonder if there are any horror stories with something gone wrong when someone tried this.
  12. Yea, but it was a scribble tote. If there was EVER a bag I would wash it would be this one.

    Think about it, if it was so dirty she couldn't use it then she wasn't really taking much of a chance. Sit in closet unused or wash it and possibly be able to use it again :smile:

    I don't own a scribble, but my sister had two. I think I may suggest that she wash the older one since it does have some dirt on it.
  13. Suede lining or a Suede bottom? I don't think I could stick a purse with a suede bottom in the washer :sad:
  14. Heck, if my purse was that dirty, it would be ruined so why not try washing it? I'd take the risk.