She still jumps up, chews...arggh!! Help me.

  1. This is a follow up from the "command to not have a dog jump up on you" thread I started awhile back. We've got problems here with boundaries + my ignorance on how to take control with dogs.

    The subject: BF's 1 1/2 yo black Lab.

    So far, not so good, but a little better. I went to BF's house on Friday after work so we could BBQ some steaks and just chill after a tough workweek. Plus, he was getting ready to leave on a business trip to the east coast early Sunday.

    I had not been up to his house since before Christmas (!)...he's always picked me up at my place and we'll go out from there or have an evening in at my house. So, I have not had a chance to practice any of these techniques since first posting!

    I picked out a nice bottle of wine and drove up to his house (it's about a 1/2 hour from mine but is a fairly rural area so it really 'feels' a lot farther out than it is). So peaceful.

    I still have a tension headache from work and I'm ready to just chill, have a glass of wine and enjoy some good conversation with BF. The dog (18 month old black Lab) is all hyper and jumpy. I know she is happy and wants to play (and she's really still just a puppy at 18 mos?) but I CANNOT STAND DOGS JUMPING UP ON ME. My apologies once again to all tPF dog lovers out there...I didn't grow up with dogs, am not comfortable around dogs but I am willing to learn and am trying. So every time she tried to jump up on me I just yelled OFF!! And BF did his best to keep her in control while trying to get dinner going. I really let her have it...yell yell yell. [​IMG]

    Well then, I am sure the dog was pissed at me b/c a few minutes later we found her chewing up one of my nice leather gloves!! That dog had pulled one of my gloves off the barstool and tore it to shreds. BF was livid and into the kennel she went. He was extremely apologetic and said he would get me a new pair of gloves and I thanked him for that. I'm just glad it wasn't my handbag (zucca b. Fendi, hehehe) or leather jacket...I told BF I KNOW she did that b/c she was pissed off at me or jealous perhaps...and yes, I know Labs love to chew so it's not surprising but STILL I'm effin' pissed!!

    After dinner we relax on the couch with the TV and another glass of wine and just chit chatting about stuff. Dog comes out of her timeout in the kennel. Dog kept wanting to join in too and jump on the couch. I couldn't relax. This is just not fun when you're trying to snuggle, have a glass of wine (on a light colored couch). When she is being mellow and lying down or just hanging out she is a very sweet dog. I just am in no mood that night for hyper dog.

    We slept well...kennel is in his master suite and even darn dog was well behaved and quiet all night too...then in the a.m. he went down to make coffee for us and let the dog out to go outside, etc. Well, when I was ready to get up and get dressed, dog brought me my underwear! Ew. OK at least she didn't tear it to shreds and I know she's a retriever and it's just DNA but obviously I was not going to put it on now. I went Commando all morning, LOL.

    Honestly, I really and truly want to learn how to handle the dog. She has been through a round of obedience school, but honestly she needs more :yes:. And when the weather gets nicer and a little lighter in the evenings I want to take her on walks with BF around the neighborhood (difficult right now with dark rainy weather and no streetlights where he lives).

    Or...perhaps I should just tell BF I don't want the dog around at all when I'm at the house...meaning she goes outside, in the kennel or in another room. :confused1:
  2. Don't take this the wrong way..but you may have to change as well. :T Dogs don't respond to yelling and going nuts on them. They all just want attention...and by giving attention when the dog is jumping on'll only make matters worse.

    My dog is a 4 month old puppy and used to ALWAYS jump on anybody he hasn't seen for more than a couple hours. The way I took care of that is by having everyone COMPLETELY IGNORE it. They also turned their back to her. Once she got that she wasn't going to get any attention..she learned quickly. As soon as she was calm and sitting..they pet her calmly.

    I hope with some practice you'll both be able to be around each other...happily. :smile:
  3. ^^^great advice, I always turn my back on hyper dogs and ignore them but I never realized to praise them or pay attention to them when they sat still. That's genius! I feel so dumb for not figuring that out before.:lol: Definitely follow that advice, OP.