She shoots......she SCORES!

  1., don't walk, to Macy's today!! Go! Go now!!

    I was at Macy's when it opened this morning and I'm giddy over the deals I got with the sale. I picked up an AS BV, an AS Bella, and a Pirata Luna, and paid a total of 37.5% of retail for each of them. OMG. I did the math, and I couldn't believe it. :yahoo:

    Pirata and AS were already marked 25% off as expected (so the $160 retail BV was marked down to $120 on the tag). I was expecting another 40% off that price, but when it rang up it was actually another 50% off. So the BV ended up being $60, the Bella was $48.75, and the Luna was $78.75.

    I had been eying all of these bags for a while and patience paid off. It didn't look like Lamore was marked down to begin with, so I didn't check any prices on that but they still had several Ciao Ciaos, at least one Bambinone and three Bellas in Lamore.

    Here's photos!

    AS BV:



    AS Bella:



    Pirata Luna:



  2. congrats on such great deals!! too bad ours dont sell tokis :sad: ..
  3. dude I want a bella!!
  4. Wow... I'm so sad now. Not that I want AS or anything, but those deals make me sad because we'll never have a sale like that here...
  5.'s a big HUG! :smile: I feel envious of the CA girls because they have Metropark, etc. I've never seen a Toki shirt or vinyl in person.

    I'm actually feeling good because I'm that girl who always misses the sale by a day, or picks the one item that's not on sale, etc. I actually feel lucky for a change. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket... :idea:

  6. Good Job Sister blue. The Lamore's were not on sale..oh but they will be...and we shall be there!
  7. Yeah, I guess the trade-off to not getting good sales on tokidoki is we don't have winter and are surrounded by beach and have the best food (besides Japan, IMO). *lol* But still, to quote my dad, it "chaps my ass"!! Hahaha!!
  8. LOVE your AS BV!!!!!!
  9. Congratz Sisterblue!!! You got all my favorites in the AS Buon Viaggio.
  10. 50% off is only till 1pm then it goes back down to 40% off. I just went and got a price adjustment on mine and saved another $18!!
  11. Congrats SisterBlue! Nice haul. Wish our Macy's here carried Tokidoki.
  12. so I ended up getting the pirata bv for $48, dang I wish I would have gotten the other one too!
  13. i found two pirata portatelefono's for $31 each ;) one for my sis and one for either myself or my friend's bday.... those were the only 2 toki's on sale... i think everything else was sold out

    BUt there was an absolutely adorable L'amore porta for regular price that had lovebirds smack dab in the middle with bastardino/polpettina right under them...

    they had anders wenngren lesportsac in stock and it's kinda cool but they made a cangurino version !!!! of course the tokidoki one is still way cuter...but this was only 56 bux retail price!
  14. Congrats for such great deal!:tup:
  15. :nuts: wow what a deal!

    the macys(s) near my house are lame-o they always exclude tokidoki. and when it says like 25% off all lesportsac, they go "ohhhh we meant ALL EXCEPT TOKIDOKI"