She Shoots! She Scores! Mosaique, Baby!

  1. I'm a bit wound up. I was doing my typical Wednesday estate sale/antique shop crawl, and in the back of the cabinet, curled up in its original bedraggled orange paper envelope/sleeve was a "Mosaique" scarf with a vanilla background and all sorts of shades of green border.

    They practically paid me to take it off their hands.

    I'm a little excited. It's my "Happy Valentine's Day, gga, you're the best" present to myself.
  2. Congrats!!! pics please!
  3. Congratulations.
  4. What a find! Pics definitely!
  5. Incredible find gga!
    Show us pics please.
  6. OMG, gga, that is so fantastic! What a spectacular V-Day gift for you. It sounds from your description that it might be the same TDF colorway in that design that I have, but I was not so fortunate--I paid almost full retail for mine. Congratulations!!!!
  7. I ADORE finds where you know someone loved and cherished something you're holding. Makes it feel, I dunno, even more special than a new scarf sometimes :smile:
  8. I would love to show pics.

    You'll have to bear with me. My husband calls me his little Luddite.

    I break technology without even trying.

    DH has promised to help me take a pic tonight, but I can almost guarantee this process will be almost as painful for anyone watching me as it will be for me and DH.

    I apologize in advance. If you ask me to desist at any point in the hideous and unpleasant process, I'll stop immediately.

    Do you consider yourselves thoroughly warned yet?
  9. Thundering Jesus!!!!!!! "Mosaique"??????????? :yahoo:

    Mother of Hermes God, GGA this is a SCORE!!!! Please, please post pics even though it's a painfull procedure and know all along how much I appreciate it!!!!!!

    "Mosaique" (Sigh)..........
  10. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics
  11. I took pics without breaking the camera. I thought it had broken, but it was just having issues with its battery. DH isn't home yet, so bear with me.

    I think I've said before that while patience is a virtue, it's not MY virtue.

    I bought this from a general antique dealer. I've only seen this one time, in a pic, on this forum, never IRL, so it could be total c**p, for all I know. The fabric feels right, though. Anyway, here goes:
    scarfmosaiqueoverall.jpg mosaiquedetail.jpg scarfsigdetail.jpg
  12. Actually, that wasn't too bad! WhooHoo, Me!
  13. GORGEOUS! I LOVE a score!!!!!!
  14. Great job for a Luddite!! :yes: And an absolutely unbelievable score on that scarf -- it's in perfect condition! Congratulations, GGA -- this is exciting!
  15. great find ! Congratulations !!