She scratched it on purpose!!!!

  1. I cannot believe it...she did it on purpose and I know it! Coming into the office this morning I was so happy to bring in miss Raisin with me. Gracie (my assistant) loved it btw! Apparently "Britney & Paris" were passing by to see what we were talking about. Out of no where Britney passes by Gracie (who was holding my Birkin) real hard with her CLIPBOARD and now there is a sratch in front!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:All she had to say was "whoops". SOB! I had to hold in my anger and tell her "Oh well, you cant help being so clumsy. Dont hit the door on your way out...". Poor Gracie thought it was all her fault. OMG I want to cry!
  2. oh the nerve of some people! i would have scratched her incidentially with my 5 inch heels from head to toe btw but seriously some people simply lack ...everything

    but on the positive side i do assume it is not a skin deep scratch so at least it was not you breakin in the fab boxcalf (the first ding hurts the most)so now use use use her and that scratch will blend into a fab patina
  3. OH! that's terrible SP! Some people are just evil!!! :wtf: :sad: :cursing:

    "karma" hon....she will get hers, no doubt.

    Can you get it to H quickly for a look-see? Maybe they can fix it immediately.

    So sorry to hear such disappointing news.


    (try to) stay cool, something good will happen to you. :heart:
  4. :roflmfao:


    I'm sorry this happened...I know how much I love raisin but it wouldn't cause me to be a you-know-what and scratch up yours just because I don't have one for myself. :hysteric:
  5. So sorry to hear this. Can't believe how evil some can be. Maybe she can pay for sending your bag to Spa for repair.
  6. I Feel My Stomach Lifting!!!!
  7. Oh, I would have hit her in the face with it and told her "well since you messed it up I figured I'd finish the job and see if your fake face would scratch my bag."

    Never fear though, Box gets a gorgeous patina so now you don't have to worry about it, just use that baby and love it!
  8. OMG the b*tch is laughing about it right now!!!!!!!!!!

    I called my SA and she said to bring it in so they can look at it. Damn it I should have brought my camera so I can take a pic. So it should blend right in? I've been using her since i got her which is very unusual for me since I have a compulsion to switch bags everyday.

    Thanks everyone...I called DH to tell him and he got so pissed off he wanted to come to the office. I really dont want him making a scene. But my goodness this woman! I'll take her in after work...I hope they can do something!
  9. ^^ I'm not sure I believe in karma. Although I would be extremely angry I would hold it inside. Wish I could turn into Rambo and employ RBB's method of generating instant Karma. I hope that something unpleasant befalls "Britney" and you are nearby to see it.
  10. She must be very low-rent indeed. Perhaps you should suggest roller derby as a career for her.

    Or, just fire her a**.
  11. okay, let me at her. that is bad!
  12. Wow, simplyprincess, you showed admirable restraint. !!
    Quite frankly , I would've decked her:boxing:
    Hope you get it sorted
  13. OMG! I'm so sorry. Yes, I'm a deep believer in Karma as well. It'll be ok. She'll get hers. Just take your baby to H and tell them what happened.
  14. some people just cannot stand someone having something nice that they cannot sorry...I bet H will fix it so it looks perfect..
  15. :bagslap: :boxing:

    As the bag patinas it should blend nicely but definitely see what H can do!