She Scores!!!

  1. I finally nabbed a sales priced MJ bag off BG's site today. I'm finding out that keeping one step ahead of the PF crowd with online sales is some kind of feat.

    Here's what's on the way. Appropriately nauseating fawning will be most appreciated. :roflmfao:

  2. Hahahaha....congrats on your new purchase! How much did you get it for, if you don't mind me asking?

    It's a great bag!
  3. Promise you won't hate me?

    It was 50% off: $488!!

  4. that leather and colour look so yummy! congrats!!
  5. Congrats! It's gorgeous!:yes:
  6. Its really gorgeous!! congrats!
  7. That's a really great price on a classic looking bag. Really, I could see wearing a hobo like that forever. Isn't the leather yummy? MJ bags have great leather!
  8. LOL....Congrats! Great deal! =)
    Okay, I hate you now. =) J/K.
  9. ^ I hate her too....US PF gals must stick together..ROFLMAO!

  10. LOVE that bag.. I've always wanted it in Raisin but it never went on sale low enough.. 50% off is a FANTASTIC deal... It was meant to be. :tender:
  11. Congrats! It's gorgeous!
  12. congrats!
  13. gorgeous bag and a great deal. and I hate you too =) j/k
  14. You guys are so nice to hate me for my new MJ bag! Kidding of course! :tender:

    It's on the FedEx truck according to the tracking infor BG sent me. It's supposed to be delivered no later than 3PM EDT. I'm sure when you guys will hear the squeal coming from North Carolina you'll know I got it.

    By the way, I'm losing my virginity with this bag: it's my first MJ!:love:
  15. Totally don't hate you!!! Applauding you for such an awesome deal!

    Please post pics when you get it!