She really is pretty in white ... come and see!

  1. Here she is ladies and gents ... may I present the lovely Ms. Rita :love:
    What do you think ... did I chose the right color ... you helped me decide on the white ... still want the noir though ... but this is one's a keeper, you think?
    writa1.jpg writa2.jpg writa3.jpg writa4.jpg
  2. Congrats, Rita is a beautie.
  3. I love the colours :yes:
  4. wow i lov ethat you have so many pinks and purples
  5. and here's more ... :yahoo:
    writa5.jpg writa6.jpg writa7.jpg writa8.jpg
  6. She's a cutie. :girlsigh:

    Congrats on your new Rita.
  7. You got it !!!!!!!
    So beautiful !!!!!

    (my MC dreambag....)
  8. Gorgeous! =)
  9. WOW, I love that bag!!! CONGRATS!!!!!
  10. Congrats! Glad you chose the white one! We have the same bag:tup:.
  11. she's perfect congrats ( I never knew it had the zipper on the back)
  12. She is so pretty. I really love the white!
  13. dare I model? sorry for the dirty mirror!
    writa9.jpg writa10.jpg writa11.jpg writa12.jpg
  14. Congrats sweet she is gorgeous!
  15. stunning!