She petted my purse...!

  1. Just home from a lovely dinner party this evening, and on the way out, as we were all standing in the front hallway cheek-kissing and saying our thank-you's and goodnights, I caught one of the other guests reaching over to my Twiggy and gently caressing the leather. I turned to her and said, ever so kindly, "Did you just pet my purse?" She smiled bashfully and said, "You weren't supposed to SEE that." I told her I considered it a compliment and certainly didn't mind at all.

    The funny thing is, this woman is not into clothes or fashion or makeup or jewelry or ANYTHING like that at all! She wouldn't know a Bbag if it fell on her head. But, she did see (and respond to) its lusciousness!:p
  2. That's pretty cool that she responded that way : )

    I wish you well,

  3. BTW, what colour is it?

    I wish you well,

  4. lol, the same thing happened to me at work the other day!!! :p...i had my new emerald courier sitting out on my desk & my co-worker told me how much she loved the color...then, all of a sudden, she walked around to my desk, copped a feel of my bag & said "hope you don't mind if i pet your purse" :wlae:
  5. LOL that's hilarious!!!
  6. Aaallabama (geesh, I always have a hard time with spelling that and getting the right number of a's), you're so funny! "Copping a feel!" I haven't heard that term in a while! Much less in reference to a B-bag!
  7. ^^ lol!!! :graucho::roflmfao::graucho::roflmfao:
  8. that's too funny!!! it was drawing her attention so much oooohhh ahhhh!!!!
  9. Classic! I can honestly say I've been guilty of 'purse-petting' a time or two myself... ;)
  10. This is too funny. I have a somewhat similar experience... I talked to my mom the day after I ordered my first Bbag (she was also present for the ordering) and my excitement had lulled. I hadn't mentioned it and my mom exclaimed,

    "Your first designer bag is coming! Aren't you so excited!?!?!"

    Yes, of course I was, but for some reason my mom's excitement was totally above and beyond mine. She appreciates pretty things but she's not particularly into fashion, so it was a little awkward.

    (I'm planning on finding her a bag in the near future too)
  11. That's so cute... petting your purse! :p
  12. that is pretty damn cute.

    At my work I'm surrounded by people who've never heard of balenciaga and aren't into fashion or bags. And yet there is a constant stream of people coming to my office to grope and feel the leather on my bbags. they've never seen colors so vibrant and leather so gropable. they aren't label whores, they just appreciate the quality and unusual yumminess of these bags.:love:
  13. aaaw.... that is sooo sweet :p
  14. lol
  15. I do a lot of purse gawking, but purse petting isn't really my thing. I guess everyone has a preference!